***Homecoming: Friends of Curtiss' Act of Service*** | AUM

***Homecoming: Friends of Curtiss' Act of Service***

***Homecoming: Friends of Curtiss' Act of Service***

Chancellor’s Cup Event No. 4 - “Friends of Curtiss’ Act of Service” at AUM

This competition is about creativity, sustainability, and giving back. Each team/organization is encouraged to build its own sustainable bird feeder, complete with a unique design and artistic features. Teams will have the option of creating a feeder on their own, or using a kit provided. Feeders will be judged on three categories: Most Creative Design, Most Sustainable, and Most Artistic. All feeders must be able to hang from a tree or post on campus.  Teams check-in to Homecoming Headquarter table to account for participation. 

Chancellor’s Cup Point Breakdown: 500 points available

(% of team in attendance will determine the total of points earned – e.g. 4 people on team roster and 2 members attend event competition – 50% of 500 = 250 points will be awarded)


Tuesday, February 25, 2020 - 11:00am
Nursing Building - Moore Hall Patio