***Homecoming: Blood Drive*** | AUM

***Homecoming: Blood Drive***

***Homecoming: Blood Drive***

Chancellor’s Cup Event No. 3 --- Blood Drive presented by College of Nursing and Health Sciences and AUM Athletics

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences will host a blood drive as part of the week’s festivities and teams are encouraged to participate. There will be registration table to help collect the attendance for teams.

Notes for participants:

- To donate you must be in good health, 17 years old and weigh at least 110 pounds.

- You must have a photo ID to donate blood

- One (1) Unit of blood can save 3 (three) lives

- You can donate blood every 56 days (8 weeks)

- After donation the blood is separated into three components:  Red cells, White cells and platelets

- Most blood donations take about 1 hour

- LifeSouth is a community Blood Center

- Blood collected from donors stays in our community and helps our local hospitals

Chancellor’s Cup Points Breakdown: 100 points available

(% of team in attendance will determine the total of points earned – e.g. 4 people on team roster and 2 members attend event competition – 50 points will be awarded)

Disability Accommodations:
If you need disability related accommodations or wheelchair access information, please contact Conference Services at 334-244-3562 or conferences@aum.edu. If you need Sign Language Interpreting or Live Captioning at the event, please notify Conference Services as soon as possible. The University will always do its best to fill interpreting or captioning requests; however, it may be impossible to coordinate interpreters or captioning request without reasonable notice.

Monday, February 24, 2020 - 2:00pm
Taylor Center 230