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Curtiss Connections

Curtiss Connections

Warhawk Academic Success Center

The Warhawk Academic Success Center is launching a new event for students -- Curtiss Connections.

The event, modeled after "Flash Talks" with presenters stationed around the event space, will provide students with quick tips and how-to information, as well as resources that will position them for success at AUM. 

WASC would like your feedback to ensure programming meets the needs of students and provides help where they need it most. Faculty and staff are invited to prepare material that can be covered in a 12-minute session (there will be four sessions in all). Presenters are invited to pass out material (examples: Preparing for a history test, study skills, tutoring, the Blackboard app).

Food will be provided for students, faculty and staff.


Monday, March 9, 2020 - 11:00am
230 Taylor Center