Victim Assistance

Assistance for Victims of Sexual Crimes

If the assault occurs on campus, report the event immediately to the AUM Police Department by calling 334-244-3424. We will dispatch a unit to your location immediately. If the assault occurs off campus within the city limits, contact the Montgomery City Police Department by dialing 911. If you wish, the AUMPD can help notify the appropriate law enforcement agency.
To protect yourself and preserve possible evidence, please follow the following instructions:

    • Do not bathe yourself or attempt to clean up the area. Simply sit down and wait for police to arrive.
    • Remain as calm as possible and try to remember as many details as you can about the crime.
    • Proper medical attention will be rendered as soon as the responding unit arrives at the scene.


Sanctions for sex offenses, forcible and nonforcible, are outlined in the Student Discipline Code and range from an informal reprimand to expulsion. The accuser and accused are each entitled to have others present during a campus disciplinary hearing. Both the accuser and accused will be informed of the outcome of any campus disciplinary proceeding. Any sanction imposed is a matter of public information. If you are the victim of a sexual assault, you have the option of having another local law enforcement agency intervene on the sexual assault investigation.
If you become the victim of a sexual assault, Housing and Residence Life can help you change your living arrangements when possible. Coordinate any academic changes through the Dean of Students.

Sexual Assault Victims Support Agencies:

AUM Counseling Center
Room 305, University Center
Phone: 334-244-3469
Student Affairs
Room 157, Taylor Center
Phone: 334-244-3620
Council Against Rape
1415 E. South Blvd.
Phone: 334-264-0123
STAR (Standing Together Against Rape)
Toll Free 888-908-7273
Phone: 334-213-1227
Victim Officer
District Attorney's Office
Montgomery County Courthouse
Annex 1
100 South Lawrence Street
Phone: 334-832-2550
Montgomery Mental Health
101 Coliseum Blvd.
Phone: 334-279-7830