Office of Accountability & Advocacy

The Office of Accountability and Advocacy is a department within the Division of Student Affairs. We are committed to assisting students in their personal, academic and social development.


The Office of Accountability is dedicated to judicial compliance and enforcement of the Student Discipline Code of the Student Handbook. Not only does the office promote appropriate student conduct, it also guarantees the AUM community is knowledgeable of campus guidelines and expectations. To create an environment that is both safe and conducive to learning, it is imperative that everyone comply with the Student Discipline Code. We enforce the code through a student-focused approach, integrated with restorative components. Our office works with students and student organizations to encourage compliance with university standards and maintains appropriate records of student conduct and disciplinary actions.


The Office of Advocacy is designed to help you find answers to questions, to familiarize yourself with campus policies and procedures, and to promote awareness and learning in a non-academic setting. We provide guidance to students and parents/guardians with difficult needs, emergencies or distress. Our office and Peer Advocate Program are here to empower you in your academic and social development through programming, personal interactions and resource guidance.