Severe Weather Safe Areas | AUM

Severe Weather Safe Areas

In the case of a tornado or other severe weather, here are places on campus where you can shelter safely.

Administration Building (Library Phase I)                 

  • First Floor Restrooms
  • Interior Rooms in Suite 114 (Sponsored Programs)
  • Interior Rooms in Suite 137 (Chancellor's Office)
  • Interior Rooms Suite 109
  • Interior Rooms 107
  • Interior Rooms 103

Library Tower (Phase II)                                       

  • First Floor Loading Dock Holding Area
  • Stairwells at the lowest levels

Goodwyn Hall                                                       

  • Basement Hallway closest to the elevator
  • Rooms 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 116 (windowless)
  • Basement Hallway in Life Sciences Annex

Liberal Arts/Education                                                

  • Room 112
  • First Floor Restrooms
  • First Floor Hallway (adjacent to the Early Childhood Center)
  • First Floor Stairwell​

Moore Hall                                                 

  • Auditorium 106 – 107
  • Rooms 103, 105, 106
  • First Floor Restrooms
  • Hallway outside Suite 101

Clement Hall                                                          

  • Hallway adjacent to Room 105
  • Restrooms on First Floor
  • Room 108 Classroom
  • Hallway adjacent to Room 108
  • Second floor Hallway

Athletics Complex                 

  • Training Room
  • Locker Rooms
  • First floor windowless hallways
  • Hallway (adjacent to Athletic Director Offices)
  • First Floor Restrooms

Facilities Building

  • Main Building Interior Space (no temporary buildings)

Taylor Center                                            

  • First Floor (adjacent to Financial Aid)
  • Financial Aid Office
  • Registrar’s Office
  • Bathroom and Mail Room Hallway
  • Mailbox Hallway
  • Housing Office
  • Mail Room
  • Student Affairs Hallway (Interior portion away from windows)
  • First Floor restrooms

The Commons

  • Residents should seek shelter in the interior hallway or bathroom of their suite with the door closed.

The Courtyards

  • Residents should go to their bathrooms of their apartment with the door closed or first floor apartment of your building.

P-40 Place

  • Residents should seek shelter in the storm shelter located on the first floor of the building.

Warhawk Hall

  • Residents should seek shelter in the bathroom of their apartment with the door closed or interior hallway near the bathroom vanity area.

Wellness Center

  • First floor — Men's and women's locker rooms and four bathrooms behind front desk.
  • Second floor — Men's and women's locker rooms. 

Modular Buildings

  • Do not seek shelter inside of any modular or temporary structure. Seek shelter in any adjacent permanent building.

Center for Lifelong Learning at the Technacenter                               

  • Stairwells at their lowest levels, restrooms, and interior rooms without windows