Third-Party Billing

Third-Party Billing and Tuition Assistance

We accept a variety of pre-paid and third-party college programs.  Below are the most common third-party programs used by AUM, with their specific requirements.

Third-Party Program


Alabama GI Dependent Scholarship

Verify Nancy Piper has received your Certificate of Entitlement

Alabama PACT*

Email Nancy Piper at the following student information: student’s name, student’s ID number (S#), social security number, and anticipated start date

Go Army Tuition Assistance**

Tuition assistance authorization form and a copy of your degree plan must be provided to the Office of Student Accounts once TA is approved via Go Army Ed

Air Force Tuition Assistance

Approved tuition assistance form and a copy of your degree plan must be provided to the Office of Student Accounts

Other third-party program such as Florida Pre-paid, East Alabama Medical Center, etc.

Provide Nancy Piper the following student information: student’s name; student’s ID number (S#) and/or social security number; specific charges the third party will cover (i.e. tuition only, tuition and books, housing); and semester(s) authorized for payment

* AL PACT will only pay tuition and technology fees up to the 2010 rate of $206/credit hour for tuition and $8/credit hour for technology fee.
** Go Army will only pay up to $250/credit hour for tuition only and 16 credit hours per year.  T.A. request must be submitted no later than 10 days before the class start date.

All third-party correspondence, tuition assistance forms, and financial guarantee letters need to be received in the Office of Student Accounts before the registration cancellation date to ensure proper posting to your student account. Failure to notify the Office of Student Accounts could result in the student having to pay their full balance or having their classes cancelled.

NOTE: Third-party payments are posted to students' accounts as an extension of credit in anticipation for a third party payment.  At any time, if the the third party agency decides not to pay charges incurred, the student's account will be adjusted and those charges become the obligation of the student.

Third-Party Billing Contact Person

All third-party correspondence, tuition assistance forms and financial guarantee letters should be given to:

Nancy Shakeshaft Piper
Auburn University at Montgomery
Office of Student Accounts
P.O. Box 244023
Montgomery, AL 36124
(334) 244-3117 Phone
(334) 244-3292 Fax