Counseling and Health Promotion Services (CHPS) FAQ | AUM

Counseling and Health Promotion Services (CHPS) FAQ

The AUM Counseling and Health Promotion Services is a mental health resource where all currently enrolled AUM students can receive free confidential mental health services and education.  The Counseling Center is staffed by Licensed Professional Counselors, masters level counselors, and Counseling students pursuing their Ph.D. or Masters degrees, who provide individual and group counseling, assessments, crisis intervention, referrals, and other services such as workshops, health education programs, consultations and self-help materials. 

Students come to CHPS for a wide variety of reasons.  Many of the students are experiencing academic difficulties including test anxiety, time management issues, problems with concentration, and lack of motivation. Some students are having trouble adjusting to college life, including relationship issues, roommate issues, and homesickness. Many of our clients have a specific concern related to depression, anxiety, mood issues, eating concerns, identify development, and alcohol or substance abuse. They may also come to counseling because of past abuse, violence, or childhood trauma.

Your counselor will work with you to identify your personal goals for counseling. You can expect that your counselor will listen closely to understand your experience and tailor counseling to you and your goals. Counseling often involves exploring and discovering things about yourself, making changes in unhelpful patterns of thinking and behavior, processing difficult experiences, and learning healthy coping skills.

The counseling process is confidential. Your counselor will not speak with your parents, teachers, friends, or anyone else about your confidential concerns without your permission. In addition, information about you can only be released under certain legally prescribed conditions.  However, if you are considering harming yourself, someone is harming you, or you feel like hurting others, we are required to breach confidentially to provide you with safety and care as needed. This is rare. If you have concerns or questions about confidentiality, please discuss them with your counselor.

If you are interested in counseling, please call 334-244-3469, stop by Taylor Center Room 316, or email us at, or request an appointment through the CPHS Appointment Form. Generally, you can schedule an appointment with a counselor within a few days to a week of your contact with CHPS.

There are no charges for individual and group counseling appointments.