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Counseling Services

The staff of Counseling and Health Promotion Services provides different levels of support to AUM community.  Currently enrolled students are provided free, professional and confidential counseling services through individual and group counseling appointments.   We provide short term solution focused therapy that is designed to promote the student’s overall health.  We also offer brief therapy in the form of the "Let's Talk" program where students can drop in as needed.  Meeting with a counselor is a chance to explore one's hopes and fears, and determine possible courses of action or resolution in a respectful, non-judgmental, and confidential setting.  AUM offers all students a wide range of therapeutic services at no cost.

Individual and Group Counseling: One on one, face to face counseling sessions where we will work together to establish a plan about what you wish to gain from counseling.  A counselor will provide students with solution focused therapy for a set amount of appointments.   Most students visit the center once a week for an hour, for 4-6 appointments, depending on the severity of the need and progress.  Students can attend as many sessions as needed, as there is no limit on the amount of visits the student can have.

Support Services: The Counseling Center works diligently to provide a vast realm of services to students when there is a need.  At times students need additional support for assessment, accommodations, and diagnostic services to support their eligibility for other services at AUM.  When it is appropriate and ethical we attempt to fill these needs as best we can for students who may not have access to outside services. 

    What Can You Expect in Counseling?

    The Counseling Center staff consists of licensed and trained mental health professionals with backgrounds in counseling and psychology. Each counselor has a different counseling style and varies in his/her technique. However, it is a collaborative and professional relationship that will focus on your concerns. You may expect that your counselor will:

    • Listen, and take your concerns seriously
    • Help you remove barriers to achieve your personal goals
    • Maintain the highest ethical and legal standards of counseling practice
    • Answer your questions directly and honestly
    • Provide a non-judgmental atmosphere

    Your responsibility in counseling includes a commitment to the following:

    • Attending sessions regularly
    • Talking as honestly as you can about what is bothering you
    • Be willing to look at your life in a different way
    • Letting your counselor know if something isn't working for you, or if you feel that you are not benefiting from your experience at the Counseling Center