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Student Government Association



The Student Government Association serves as the liaison between students and the administration; we are the voice of the student body.  It's our purpose to enhance student life, both academically and socially,  through activities and programs led by students for students.

The SGA is composed of AUM students of all majors and class rankings. We serve the university by representing the entire spectrum of the student body, organizing and directing student concerns through the proper channels, while working to provide students with the resources they need to succeed. 

The Student Government Association:

  • Conducts regular town hall meetings, where students are able to voice their concerns.
  • Hosts campus-wide forums and educational programs
  • Participates and promotes Higher Ed Day Rally
  • Develops Signature Programs for the students

Become a Member of the AUM SGA

General Elections are held every spring for Senate and Executive Council Positions. Presidential Executive Cabinet members are interviewed by the Executive Council and then appointed by the President.