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Update: U.S. Revises Travel Ban

Auburn Montgomery/Montgomery, Ala. (March 7, 2017) — Yesterday, March 6, 2017,  President Trump signed a new executive order amending the previous travel ban. I believe it is prudent to share an update to those individuals directly affected by the order and others in our campus community who have expressed concerns.

The original ban denied entry into the United States to individuals from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan, resulting in our advice to students, faculty and staff from those countries to postpone travel abroad to avoid the potential for being denied re-entry into the United States.    

The new executive order, in addition to exempting Iraq from the travel ban, provides clarification for those individuals from the countries subject to the ban who hold valid visas. Under the new order, current AUM students, faculty and staff from countries subject to the travel ban are expected to be allowed re-entry back into the United States should they chose to travel home.

AUM values the contributions that a diverse culture brings to the overall education environment on our campus, and we will continue to work together to serve all of our students, faculty and staff, regardless of their nationality.

To our students, faculty and staff who may have questions, we are here to assist and support you. Students, please reach out to AUM's Office of Global Initiatives at 334-244-3375 or visit their office in Administration 109. Faculty and staff, please reach out to AUM Human Resources at 334-244-3641 or visit their office in Taylor Center 304.


Dr. Carl A. Stockton

Chancellor, Auburn University at Montgomery