ROTC scholarships

Looking for excitement, a great career, willing to give 110 percent and possibly get a scholarship to help you pay for college?

Students enrolling for Fall 2017 as a freshman or sophomore, graduating in May 2017, or seeking a graduate degree (master’s) in Fall 2017 may qualify for an Army scholarship!

Students planning to seek a master’s degree should call now to get packets ready to attend a summer camp.


  1. The Army ROTC offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities, from 4 year, 3.5 years, 3 years, 2.5 years, and 2-year scholarships for those who show what they are really made of. Our scholarship can be used in two ways:
  1. Scholarships can be used to pay either tuition and fees or room and board up to $5,000 per semester. You will also receive a book stipend of $600 per semester and a monthly academic stipend, starting at $300 for freshmen and $450 for Seniors.

***Any Auburn University at Montgomery or Troy University Army ROTC Scholarship recipient will also receive a dorm room scholarship!

  1. Medical students — Army ROTC has all the right types of scholarships for you to finish your undergraduate degrees and/or pursue higher education though our AMEDD program; up to $500,000 in scholarships to get you through medical school.
  1. Campus-based scholarships, medical scholarships, and Guaranteed Reserve Force Duty (GRFD) scholarships for those who want to serve in a part-time status in the Reserves or National Guard.
  1. MINUTEMAN SCHOLARSHIPS — Do you have a 3.0 CGPA, 19 ACT, want to serve in the Reserves or National Guard, have no fines more than $250 (waiverable depending on situation), can pass an Army physical, and are a U.S. citizen? If so, you may qualify for a 4-year Reserve or National Guard Scholarship.

If you are interested and would like to hear more about our program, please call our office at 334-244-3528 or call me, Joseph Masarik, directly at 785-317-5070.  You can also email us at or  If you would like to talk with us in person, we are located at the Army ROTC House, 1255 Bell Road, Montgomery, AL 36117.