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Pollution and Stormwater Management

Pollution and Storm water management

Duck-Pond-and-Tower.jpgRecognized as a “Tree Campus” by the Arbor Day Foundation, Auburn University at Montgomery is committed to protecting the environment, improving water quality in our local rivers, streams and lakes, and, whenever possible, reducing waste and emissions.

Pollution prevention

Preventing pollution can help AUM maintain a safe and health learning and working environment, protect the biodiversity of its 500-acre campus, enhance the community at-large, and realize cost savings. AUM defines “pollution prevention” as any action that reduces the amount and/or toxicity of waste that must be shipped off campus for disposal.

AUM requires compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. AUM will inform all appropriate parties, including students, employees, community members and all appropriate agencies in the event of significant environmental or safety hazards related to the university. Students and personnel are encouraged to report dangerous conditions or incidents to AUM Public Safety. The university will act in a prompt manner to correct any conditions that may result in significant environmental, health or safety impact.

Stormwater.jpgStorm water management

AUM seeks to reduce the discharge of pollutants contained in storm water runoff by implementing the steps described in AUM’s Stormwater Management Program Plan (SWMPP).

AUM Public Safety works with campus units and community groups to meet the objectives of the program and to leverage the strengths of the university to become a model of storm water management best practices.

For questions, or to report conditions that may pose risk to the environment or the health and safety of the campus community, contact Campus Police at 334-244-3424.


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