Why do we learn?

To build the life we choose.


A lot of people are asking questions these days about higher education. Is college worth the cost? Is it worth the time and the sacrifice? Can earning your college degree significantly affect the life you live? The simple answer is a resounding yes.

As new data published by the New York Times revealed, “Yes, college is worth it and it’s not even close. For all of the struggles that college graduates face, a four-year degree has probably never been more valuable. The pay gap between graduates and everyone else hit a record high in 2015.”


College graduates earn almost double per hour more than people without a degree

The ability to learn is the most human trait. And it can be the difference between living a life dictated by your circumstances and a life lived by your choice. At AUM, students decide their own destiny every day. They are doing the work and taking the first, biggest steps toward careers in countless industries, solving problems and creating opportunities unimaginable a few short years ago.

So why do you want to learn?

Median Annual Income

High School Graduate
College Graduate

Find your path; find your passion

At AUM, you can choose from more than 90 fields of study in one of five colleges: the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business, the College of Education, the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and the College of Public Policy & Justice.

Let’s talk scholarships and financial aid

Paying for college is a hot topic among students and parents these days. And while it is a serious investment in your future, you have a number of ways to make it work financially. Let’s talk about it.