Child Advocacy Studies in Belize

College of Public Policy and Justice associate professor, Dr. Denise Davis-Maye and five of her students will be leaving for Belize this month on a Study Abroad and civic engagement project. This program is designed to provide comprehensive learning, including field experiences, scholarly inquiry, lectures, and interactions with the citizens of Belize. This opportunity is offered for students to enhance global perspectives and to participate in in-depth, examinations of issues which impact social, economic and educational development of girls and women. Additionally, students will explore prominent philosophies and the patterns of responses used to address hunger, health, medical care, education, and other issues impacting    people of developing and emerging economies. This project also  offers an opportunity for students to implement a civic engagement project working with primary, secondary and college aged girls around issues of reproductive health and economic development. AUM students will earn 3 credit hours in SOCI 4440 Child Advocacy Studies.

Story by Achala Rockwell 

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