Bridge Program FAQ

If after reading the information below, you have any questions or concerns regarding the Bridge Program, please do not hesitate to call Sissy Speirs at (334) 244-3473.

Bridge students can enroll in College Success, Math, English and/or Wellness up to 13 credit hours.  In order to focus on success in these subjects, Bridge students are not allowed to take additional courses during their Bridge semester.

There are no scholarships for the Bridge Program. However, students may apply for Financial Aid through the traditional FAFSA processes. FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. In order to receive federal financial aid for Summer Bridge courses, you must complete the 2012-2013 application process by mid-April. You will then fill out a separate 2012-2013 application if you desire to receive aid for classes you may take in the Fall 2013 semester. More information regarding the FAFSA may be found on the web at: or call the AUM  Financial Aid Office at 334-244-3571.