Congrats Graduates of Spring 2020 | AUM

Congrats Graduates of Spring 2020

Joey Taff '89
Alumni Association Board of Directors


“Congratulations Class of 2020! While this may not be the way you expected to end your collegiate career… this moment will not define you. What you do from this day forward will! Go out and conquer the world!!!”        
- Annamarie Jones '94

“Congratulations Class of 2020! I graduated in 1983 which was a horrible year in the economy. Don’t let this odd economy define who you are or what you become. Keep working toward the goals you set. And… thank all those who have supported you along the way!”    
- Dr. Ross Dickens
  Dean, College of Business


“Congratulations Class of 2020. Well… you are already making history for being the class of COVID-19. However, I encourage you not to allow this situation to derail your impending journey. I encourage you to choose wisdom over imprudence, ingenuity over unimaginativeness, compassion in the midst of COVID-19 and most of all happiness over despondency.” 
- Dr. Sheila Austin, Dean
  College of Education

“With immense pride and enthusiastic acknowledgement of your scholarly achievement, I say to each of you, ‘graduates’ a job well done! What each of you have attained is a reflection of your total uncompromising resolve to get to your destination; thus, stand tall and be proud-- this is your time, your moment and we as faculty and staff most readily applaud and I mean applaud your academic achievement. Fellow Warhawks, you have left us a legacy, you entered our classrooms, labs and field experiences to learn-- now lead in our local communities and across our great nation.”  
- Gilbert Duenas '03

Catrina Pettway.jpg

“Congratulations Class of 2020! This is a major achievement for you. Keep striving for your dreams.” 
- Catrina Hollins Pettway '05

“Congratulations AUM Class of 2020!!! We are excited to see how you will change the world – thank you for letting us be a part of your journey!”
- Keren Deal '92

“Way to go! With all the ups and downs, you showed heart and determination and found your success. So proud!!”
- Amanda Tucker '12

“Never stop believing that you can, even in the midst of turmoil. You did it, so continue to do it! Congratulations!” 
- Brooke Burks

“You should be proud of your achievements, particularly given the situation you’ve experienced this semester. You have stayed the course through a global pandemic and a switch from in-person courses to remote learning. You have persevered while observing social distancing and missing out on the many of the social interactions and campus experiences that enrich the student experience. You have remained on track through hardship, which may have included caring for and teaching your own children as K-12 schools switched to remote coursework or navigating financial difficulties brought on by mandatory closures of various businesses.

Many of you are the first of your families to become college graduates. Regardless of whether you’re a first generation graduate or another in a long line of graduates, take time to savor and appreciate what you have achieved. And know that no challenge is too big for you as you move forward on your personal and professional journey. After all, you graduated during a pandemic.” 
- Troy Johnson

“Go forward with confidence in all that you do.
Be confident that you will find success.
Be confident that when things don’t go as planned that you can and will adapt.
Be confident that you’ll be loved and supported as you pursue your dreams and goals.
Be confident in living life by your values and knowing that your values may evolve.
And, be confident that both trials and triumphs will push you to grow and learn in all that you do.

Today, and always, celebrate your accomplishments as a Warhawk graduate! Congrats AUM Class of 2020!” 
- Amber Rae Childers

“Class of 2020, I know how hard all of this has been, but I hope that you all know how awesome and special it is for each of you to graduate during all of this. I hope that each of you excel in your futures, as you will come out stronger in the end because of everything you have endured. Here’s to the future and leaving behind a legacy!” 
- Skylar Coppinger

“Hearty Congratulations, Class of 2020! You are truly a class like no other. May your success, despite the crazy storm of upheaval in your final semester, serve as an enduring reminder that you can do this, you will succeed, and you will shine!” 
- Kim Brackett

“One of the great pleasures of teaching is to see the success of students when they earn their degree and open the doors to opportunities ahead. You have laid the foundation with your degree from AUM and I am sure it will serve you well throughout your life. I encourage you all to remember the benefits of service and the incredible sense of reward that resides in service to others. It is one characteristic that often defines leaders and happiness in life. I congratulate you and wish you well in all endeavors you pursue. But always remember that you are a valued member of the Warhawk family. It is now the time for you to soar and show the world your skills and your compassion. You will always have a place in the heart of those who were blessed to teach you while you were at AUM. I wish you fair winds and smooth seas as you pursue your passions in this world. We will all cheer you and remember the challenges you overcame to earn your degree and succeed!” 
- Michael R. White


AKA alumni.jpg

“Dear Class of 2020, Congratulations on your well-deserved success! Wishing you the best of luck in the future.” 
- Kalandra Haynes '06

“Congratulations to the AUM Class of 2020! I am Coach Scottie, the assistant softball coach at AUM and a proud alum – class of 2015. I know your college career did not end quite as you planned, but you did it! You have accomplished a lifelong goal and you should be proud of yourself – we are proud of you! Stay strong during this time and keep your head up – after all, YOU are a college graduate! We wish you the best in your next endeavor! Congratulations and welcome to the AUM alumni family!” 
- Coach Scottie Wilkes '15

“Class of 2020! What a unique time and a unique set of circumstances surrounding your graduation. With all of the challenges in our world at the moment, I am prayerful that you will attack each day with an abundance of positivity. All the best to your future! Once a Warhawk always a Warhawk!” 
- Coach Eric Newell

“Dear AUM Spring Class of 2020,
Congratulations!!! You accomplished the ultimate goal of attending college. Although this is not the way any of us envisioned your final semester of college going, hang your hat on what you have done to get to this point. You didn’t get here by accident. Continue to show you can persevere and overcome adversity. Continue to use technology and find innovative ways to learn. Continue to come to the table with answers, not complaints. Invest in people and those those who helped you get to this milestone in your life. Again, congratulations. I know you will be the next group of Warhawks to do amazing things.” 
- Tim Lutz

“Wow. What a finish to your college career. One day your kids and grandkids are going to get tired of hearing you say, “back in my day we finished college during a major pandemic, so do your homework and quit complaining.” You all have endured something that nobody could have imagined four months ago, let alone four years.

But please consider this the beginning of a new chapter in your relationship with AUM. We’re going to need your help talking to new students, and helping them understand that their struggles are something they can get past, in the same way you’ve gotten past this. Please stay in touch with your favorite professors. Congratulations, and good luck with the next chapter!” 
- Dr. Andrew McMichael
  Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

I know that this is not how you envisioned celebrating your hard work and accomplishments, yet it is reality. So I challenge you to realize the power of your reality, this is forever your story!  Own your story, document your story and share your story  because your story is a very powerful one! I can't wait to hear about your accomplishments to come! Again congratulations and welcome to Auburn University at Montgomery Alumni Association.
- Janice Marshall '93


“Congratulations on graduating! Keep a good attitude and come back to AUM to see me. Macey, you were a great cheerleader and I will miss you. Good luck to all the basketball players graduating.” 
- Mike “Guru” Hicks

“Congratulations on a job well done. Although we are in unprecedented times, you still managed to excel and achieve your goals!” 
- Angela Harris '01

“Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams. Congratulations on your big day Sommer Rhea and Ariadne Borges! Know without a doubt that you were made for great things. We are very proud of you ladies!!!”
- With love, your volleyball family

“We celebrate you. We celebrate your tenacity and strength during such an unprecedented and uncertain time. You’ve made it, thought it wasn’t the way you pictured it, but you’re here. Congratulations. You’ve worked extremely hard, accomplished a lot of milestones, met some friends, and now it is time to go into the world and make a difference. This unfortunate time has cost extraordinary sacrifices for you all, but your hard work does not go invalidated and your head should still be held high. We are care each and every one of you and are here for you to support you through this difficult time. Be of good courage because trouble doesn’t last always. This too shall pass, so be proud Class of 2020, you will see brighter days. Keep pressing forwards toward excellence. Congrats!” 
- Mariah Scarver '18

"Congrats class of 2020! I graduated in 2013. I live in New York City where Covid19 is running rampant. Please do not let the circumstances that are going on get you down, keep moving forward. Also, never forget AUM is your family. I will never forget the support I had from the professors and staff that helped me succeed! Lastly, the friends you make at AUM will last a lifetime!"
- Sheryl Love '13

“As a fellow 2020 graduate, CONGRATULATIONS! WE MADE IT! Wishing you all the best for wherever life takes you!”        
- Courtney Lay '20

"I believe in flying!! The sky is not just the limit. Spread out your wings and take the fly as high as you wouldn't even imagine."
- Harshit Hedgde

"Congratulations on your outstanding achievements, flexibility, perseverance, innovation and creativity. We are all so proud of you!  You are the Mighty Warhawks!"  
-Val Winkelman

“Congratulations Class of 2020! No matter what trying time you will go through, always persevere. I wish you well in all of your future endeavors.” 
- Caleb Conner ‘15

"Congratulations to the class of 2020 on all your accomplishments! Good luck in your future endeavors.  A special thank you to all our military members, veterans and families.  Thank you for your service and unselfish dedication to our nation."
Semper Fidelis
- Rudy Tobias

"Your Auburn University at Montgomery Library is proud of all of you! It has been great working with you throughout the years and we look forward to seeing the wonderful things you will achieve!!!"
- Phill Johnson
  Dean, Library


Download the Class of Spring 2020 Graduation Program

To show our support for the Class of 2020 as they close out their time at Auburn University at Montgomery remotely, the AUM Alumni Association invites you to share a note of encouragement, piece of advice, or a (virtual) pat on the back.  Please complete our Congrats 2020 form and join us in welcoming these seniors and graduate students into our alumni family.

Responses will be compiled and then shared with the graduating class on our website and app. Select responses will also be shared on social media.