The Confucius Institute Anniversary Celebration

The AUM Confucius Institute Turns One

On November 8, 2013, the AUM Confucius Institute celebrated its one-year anniversary. The celebration lasted the whole day. In the morning, the ground-breaking ceremony of the Confucius Garden was held. Among the guests at the ground-breaking ceremony was Todd Strange, the mayor of Montgomery, who highly praised AUM for its active role in the internationalization of the city of Montgomery. In the afternoon, over a hundred public school children enjoyed workshops on Chinese traditional music instruments. The highlight of this celebration was the evening performance of Peking opera and Chinese acrobatics by the artists from the Binghamton University Confucius Institute.


Dr. Veres watches the Confucius garden ground breaking


Mayor Todd Strange talks to people about the china/America business relationship


diana wang talks at Confucius Institute garden ceremony


people watch the Confucius garden ground breaking ceremony

Chinese women sing a Chinese song=


people get refreshments at the garden ground breaking


Chinese woman playing a Chinese flute


Chinese woman playing a Chinese violin

Chinese woman doing a Chinese opera sleeve dance


Chinese opera singing


    Alice Zhang plays  at CI Celebration

Chinese sword fight dance


YY talks to students about Chinese instruments

Ruby Chen playing Chinese zither