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Student Government is not just for upperclassmen. If you’re interested in becoming a part of AUM’s Student Government Association, the Freshmen Forum is the perfect starting line. Members of the freshmen class are selected through an application process, and if you’re chosen, you’ll become actively involved with SGA in order to become a well-informed member of the university when it comes time to run for your own office. Members of the Freshmen Forum are also responsible for planning events on behalf of the freshmen class and the entire student body. If you think you were born to lead, take the first step and join the Freshmen Forum.

Freshman Forum is a group of freshmen selected to receive in-depth knowledge of the political body and structure of the university. Members become actively involved with the Student Government Association and learn the necessary tools needed to become well-informed members of the student body upon entering their sophomore year. In the past, events such as a campus-wide bar-b-que, a talent show, and a town hall meeting were all implemented. Being a member of Freshman Forum is a great way to get involved and become familiar with the SGA during your first year at Auburn Montgomery. The selection process consists of an application followed by an interview. The application score will be based on the applicant’s leadership positions, high school GPA, and essay question answers.


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