Student Leadership Opportunities

Advancement Ambassadors

As official hostesses and hosts of the Office of Advancement of Auburn University at Montgomery, it shall be the purpose of Advancement Ambassadors to promote pride in the University and to serve with dedication and responsibility.  Advancement Ambassadors will represent the AUM student body, administration, faculty and staff to persons both inside and outside the University.  They will have the opportunity to attend many special events including luncheons, alumni gatherings, and receptions where they will meet alumni, community leaders and supporters of AUM.  For more information email Valerie Rankin or call 334-244-3557.

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College of Business Ambassadors

The College of Business Ambassadors are an elite group of outstanding students selected to participate in the extracurricular activities of the college. Students are selected from the Dean’s list and must maintain a 3.2 accumulative GPA based on full time study.  For more information email Dr. Kimberly Johnson or call 334-244-3398.

Orange Jacket Society

Members of the Orange Jacket Society serve as the official ambassadors of AUM. OJS Members welcome and oversee AUM's most prestigious events such as graduation, welcoming Chancellor's guests to various events and working in the community with AUM OutREACH.  Selection to the Orange Jacket Society is highly competitive. OJS applicants must be upperclassmen and have proven passion for AUM. The application period to become a member of the OJS opens in the Spring and new members are inducted in May.  For more information email Carley Scanlan or call 334-244-3158.

Peer Advocates

If you are a student who wants to get involved on campus and a become a leader among your peers, the Peer Advocate Program is for you. You will gain leadership experience, professional relationships with your faculty and staff, and learn how your campus truly works.

Requirements to apply:

  1. Need to be at least a sophomore at the start of the semester that you begin to work
  2. Willing to work with people – have social and communication skills.
  3. Required to have at least two recommendations – can come from a professor or employer

If you would like further information email Nichole Thompson or call 334-244-3106.

Successful Warhawks Orientation and Transition Team (S.W.O.T.)

The S.W.O.T. Team is composed of AUM Student Leaders on a quest to make the AUM Orientation experience a success.  The selection process and trainings are intense, but the work is fun!  The mission of S.W.O.T. is to transfer their AUM campus knowledge to incoming freshman, transfer and international students, both traditional and non-traditional.  S.W.O.T. members are reinforcing the decision to attend AUM while reminding prospective students that the college experience is what that make of it. S.W.O.T. provides a diverse and educational environment for incoming students by being ambassadors for AUM’s student population and introducing students to college life by fostering the spirit of AUM in the community.  For more information, email Carley Scanlan or call 334-244-3158.

Top 5 Reasons to Join The Team 

1. Make a difference in the life of a new Warhawk
2. Sharpen your leadership skills
3. Learn more about AUM and give campus tours
4. Build self- confidence
5. Interact with new students and parents at Orientation and Extended Orientation

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Transfer Student Association

The mission of the Transfer Student Association (TSA) is to foster a community of both four-year and community college transfer students through leadership and peer mentorship.  TSA will help transfer students hit the ground running and make the most of their time at AUM. All AUM transfers are invited to connect with the TSA for assisting in acclimating to AUM life, to learn more about transfer specific events and to get to connect to academic, professional and social resources as a transfer student.  For more information email Carley Scanlan or call 334-244-3158.

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United Warhawk Ambassadors

The United Warhawks (organized by the office of International Student Involvement and the ISA) provide an AUM friend to incoming international students during their first two months on campus. Most international students arrive a few days prior to classes beginning, and for many, this may be their first trip to the United States. Prior to arriving on campus, each student will be assigned an ambassador.  Ambassadors are current AUM students that will help ease the transition by meeting students regularly to answer questions, introduce new students to services on campus and in the local community, as well as familiarizing them with the campus. Contact Amanda Rodriguez for more information.

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W.O.W. Crew

The WOW Crew assists in welcoming students and helping with events during the Weeks of Welcome at the start of each semester. The Weeks of Welcome is a time for clubs, organizations, and offices around campus to welcome AUM students to the new semester through great programs and events. WOW Crew applications are open to all students and will be accepted throughout the year.  The WOW Crew is a stapleon campus and always brings excitement to the WOW. Crew members will be expected to support events, work events and be ready to answer questions throughout the Weeks of Welcome. For more information email Carley Scanlan or call 334-244-3158.