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Diversity and Inclusion

Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM) believes all people are unique and should be treated with respect and dignity. We recognize the diversity of individuals and their experiences, ideas, beliefs and cultures. AUM not only recognizes and values one’s individuality, but commits to cultivating an environment which fosters respect and dignity for all. In alignment with the AUM strategic plan and the university’s core values, AUM promotes and embraces diversity in key areas to include, but not be limited to, race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, genetic information, economic status, or disability. The AUM strategic plan highlights the following:

  • Create and foster an inclusive atmosphere that is supportive of all students, faculty, and staff
  • Create opportunities that allow students, faculty, and staff to gain an awareness and appreciation of diversity
  • Enhance integration of international students into the AUM student body
  • Develop strategies that strengthen interactions between domestic and international students and staff
  • Create programming to enhance understanding and promote awareness of diversity and inclusion
  • Recruit and retain diverse faculty whose collective talents will enhance the quality of teaching and contribute to scholarly productivity

The initiatives of this office create better understanding between cultural, social, and ethnic groups and foster appreciation for differences. They also challenge personal biases through the use of critical-thinking, reflection, and self-development.

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