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Susan Barganier plants flowers with students for Earth Day 2014

Dr. Nichole Thompson plants flowers and herbs with students for Earth Day 2014

Amy Ingram plants flowers with students for Earth Day 2014

The Sustainability Committee promotes going green on campus

Students present their posters for Tree Campus USA

Tree Campus USA


 Auburn University at Montgomery is committed to becoming a more responsible

corporate citizen by integrating sustainability initiatives into all aspects of university

 activity to reduce AUM's negative impact on the environment.

The Campus Sustainability Initiative Committee was created in 2008 and assigned the task of developing long-term and short-term goals as well as action plans that would lead to a more sustainable AUM campus.

The Sustainability Committee continues to develop new green projects and educational programming for the campus.  

Projects and Initiatives

Educational Programs:

  • Green Tip of the Week: Each week, AUM News and Headlines publishes an easy to follow green tip. These green tips will provide you with meaningful insights on small changes you can make in your lifestyle that will help you reduce your environmental footprint on and off campus.
  • Brown Bag Lunch Series: The purpose of this monthly series is to educate and promote sustainable living across the campus community. Some of the guest speakers included: Dr. Rosine Hall, Associate Dean for the School of Sciences; Edwin Marty, the Executive Director for Hampstead Institute, Tobias Mense, IT consultant for ATI, and Dave Steward, Major Accounts Representative at Alabama Power. Do not miss out on the upcoming events.
  • News & Headlines Green Spotlight: A monthly recognition of those individuals and/or departments that, through their actions and initiatives, demonstrate leadership in making AUM a more responsible corporate citizen.
  • AUM Employee Sustainability Workshop: The training will provide AUM employees with an overview of the basic concepts and definitions of Corporate Sustainability, tips on how they can become more sustainable in their personal lives, and sustainable ideas and best practices they can implement in the workplace.
  • Learning Comes First Movie Night: Once a semester, the LCF community partners with the AUM Green Team for an fun and exciting event where the students watch a movie with a sustainability topic, followed by a group discussion.
  • AUM Kill-A-Watt Challenge: The purpose of the Energy Conservation Campaign is to foster awareness of sustainability on the AUM campus. Changing our energy consumption behavior is the first step in reaching our campus climate neutrality goal.
  • AUM Earth Week: A week long of events to create and increase awareness among the AUM community of the entire "Go Green" movement and its importance.
  • Warhawk Reusable Bags at Professors n'Pajamas: In order to help reduce the amount of plastic bags used on campus and increase awareness on that matter among the AUM community, the Sustainability Committee and the AUM Green Team distributed roughly 400 reusable bags during Professors n'Pajamas.
  • Green Tips Magnets and Bookmarks

Cost-Saving Initiatives: 

  • CFLs: New energy-efficient fluorescent fixtures were recently installed in the AUM Gym. The new lights would use 50% less electricity while improving the overall visibility in the gymnasium.  
  • LED lights: New outside wall-mounted LED light fixtures were installed around Taylor Center, the walkway between Taylor Center and Goodwyn Hall, in front of Goodwyn Hall, and around the AUM Gym. In comparison to the incandescent bulbs, LED lights are more energy efficient and cost effective.
  • Xlerator hand dryers: New Xlerator high-speed energy-efficient hand dryers were installed in the restrooms in Goodwyn Hall and Taylor Center. The installation of this type of hand dryers in the restrooms is in progress for the Wellness Center, the AUM Gym, the Education/Liberal Arts building, and Clement Hall. Xlerator hand dryers dry hands completely in 10-15 seconds, use 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers, and, compare to paper towels, offer a 95% cost savings rate. In addition, the Xlerator hand dryers represent a great environmentally-friendly alternative to paper towels.
  • Occupancy sensors: New occupancy sensors were installed in the restrooms in Goodwyn Hall and Taylor Center. Additional occupancy sensors will be installed in all the restrooms around the campus. The occupancy sensors add convenience and energy savings by automatically turning lights on and off.
  • Electric Vehicle: AUM Facilities is going green with a new zero-emission vehicle. The electric cart is used to help maintain the grounds at AUM and can be used for a couple of days before it needs to be charged overnight.     
  • T3 Series Standup Vehicle: AUM Campus Police goes green! The new T3 Series electric standup vehicles are zero-gas-emission, clean-energy innovations that are designed to enhance patrols, to save driver energy and increase response times.

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