Clubs & Organizations

Registered Student Organization Handbook


Registered Organizations
All student organizations must be registered with the Office of Student Activities to be recognized by the University, apply for a new or renewed charter from the SGA, appear in University publications and to reserve space in a university facility.

Students interested in starting a new organization, whether registered or chartered, or have questions about chartering or registering their organizations may ask for assistance from the SGA or the Office of Student Activities.

Only chartered and registered organizations may use campus facilities free of charge. However, if damage is done to the facilities the organization will be charged for the damages.

Chartered and registered student clubs and organizations are divided into five groups:

Curriculum Related Clubs
These organizations are usually affiliated with academic departments on campus or have a parent organization in the community. They are always centered around a particular course of study.

Honor Societies
These organizations recognize a particular level of achievement in any one field, and membership is generally determined by grade point average. Membership in an honor society is an indication of a high level of student achievement.

Greek letter fraternities and sororities provide opportunities for socialization, community service and special bonds with other students.

Special Interest Clubs
These clubs offer a variety of opportunities for students to interact with other students, faculty and staff who have similar interests and needs. Organizations like these usually cater to one specific aspect of campus life.

Religious Organizations
These organizations are religious based and offer fellowship with students with similar interests. Some of them are non-denominational while others have an emphasis on a particular denomination.