Diversity & Multicultural Affairs
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    Dr. Pia Knigge,
Assistant Professor
 Political Science &
Public Administration


“I have three passions: chocolate (dark), soccer (or football as non-Americans call it), and diversity – not necessarily in this order. Fortunately, both my research and teaching allows me to accommodate my passion for diversity. I am teaching courses on race, immigration, and gender and I am studying racial/ethnic, political and religious tolerance. Because diversity issues cut across academic disciplines I started a campus wide initiative in 2012 to create two interdisciplinary minors: Ethnic Studies and Gender Studies. Fortunately, many of my colleagues supported me in this endeavor. My hope is that one day AUM students can not only minor, but also major in these fields.”

 Dr. Knigge's primary research interests are in the areas of public opinion, voting behavior and political psychology-mostly in a comparative perspective (Western Europe in particular). Recent journal articles and conference papers focused on right-wing extremism, political tolerance, European integration, attitudes toward immigration, racial prejudice and intergroup conflict. She currently is working on the issues of racial attitudes and politics in the South, democratic citizenship, and public education policy. Prior to her arrival in the United States, Dr. Knigge held a number of research positions in Europe including the Center for European Survey Studies at the University of Mannheim (Germany ) and the Commission of the European Communities in Brussels (Belgium ).Primacy Teaching Expertise: Introduction to American Politics and Government European Politics Applied Research and Program Evaluation Political Psychology Political Behavior The Politics of Race and Immigration Democratic Citizenship