Diversity & Multicultural Affairs

Calendar of Events

Fall 2015

August 24

Global Mixer
Taylor Center 219-220 (GEC)
3 p.m.

August 27


Non-Binary/Transgender Students
Library Tower, West

September 15

Hispanics/Latinos in Alabama: Who & Where are they?
Taylor Center 222
12:15 p.m.

October 8

Italian American Lecture
Taylor Center 219-220 (GEC)

October 15


American Indians in Alabama
Taylor Center 230

October 26 - November 2

Day of the Dead Table Display
Taylor Center 219-220 (GEC)

October 29

Day of the Dead Lecture
Taylor Center 219-220 (GEC)

November 9

Thanksgiving Around the World
Taylor Center 221-223
6 p.m.

December 10

What is Kwanzaa?
Taylor Center 219-220 (GEC)

Spring 2016

January 19 


MLK Breakfast
Taylor Center 221
7:45 a.m.


February 10

Panel Discussion
Hole in the Head: A Life Revealed
230 Taylor Center
10 a.m.

February 11


Panel Discussion
“The 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing Revisited”
Library Tower, East
2:30 p. m.

March 8

International Women’s Day

230 Taylor Center

12- 1:15 p. m.

March 31

Leadership Through a Different Lens

223 Taylor Center

12 p. m.

April 10-16

Diversity Week

*Specific events will post later*

Upcoming Event

Panel Discussion
Hole in the Head:  A Life Revealed

A panel of scholars and leaders will discuss the story of Vertus Hardiman and nine other children who were intentionally exposed to long radiation, which caused permanent physical and mental damage. This is a story of ongoing exploitation of the poor and oppressed.


February 10, 2016
230 Taylor Center
10 a.m. – Noon

Sponsors:  The Diversity Office and Confucius Institute

Panel Discussion
“The 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing Revisited”
Panelists:  Bill Baxley, Esquire

Fr. Lt. Governor Bill Baxley, Esquire
Douglas Jones, Esquire

February 11, 2016
Library Tower, East
2:30 p.m.

These two attorneys will discuss their separate and collective experiences in reopening the 16th Street Baptist Church on two separate occasions and gaining two separate convictions of KKK members.