Diversity & Multicultural Affairs
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This is a sample of diversity courses offered to undergraduate students at AUM. This is NOT a complete listing. Please consult the Undergraduate Catalog for a description of these and other courses.  

International Marketing 
Chinese Economy 
International Finance
Managing Diversity
International Business 
International Law 
Ethical/Social Responsibility 
Diversity Issues of Families 
Cultural Issues of Families 
Counseling Children and Adolescents 
Research in Social Studies 
Special Education Cluster 
Education, Culture, and Diverse Environments in America
Law, Ethics, and Diversity
Cultural Anthropology 
Culture and Personality
Language in Culture and Society
Chinese Language Cluster
Sign Language Cluster
Communication and Gender
Speech-language Disorders Cluster
Life and Times of Nelson Mandela
Viet Nam
Mexico since 1810
Asian Culture
Korean Language Cluster
Human Sexuality
Seminar on Race and Culture
Spanish Literature
Population-Based Nursing Care
Women in the Criminal Justice System
Culture and Psychology

For more information on a minor in Ethnic Studies or Gender Studies, Click here.
Foreign Language Cluster
Jewish Literature Holocaust
The Bible as Literature
The New Testament
The Old Testament
Religions and the Roman Empire
French Language Cluster
German Language Cluster
The North American Indians
Africa to 1800
Africa since 1800
Pre-Modern Japan
The Middle East
Central America and the Caribbean
Modern Latin America
History of American Slavery
African American History
Military History
Women in Medieval Society
History of Early Christianity
Racial Segregation in South Africa
The Holocaust
Russian Language Series
Japanese Language Cluster
Music and World Cultures
Urban Sociology
Minority Groups
Spanish Language Series
Women in the History of Art
World Religions and Terrorism
Women, Gender, and Politics