Campus Life

Counseling Center

Auburn Montgomery supports students throughout their experience at the university by offering free counseling services for students enrolled in a degree granting program. Counseling is a process which promotes greater self awareness and development in behaviors, feelings and relationships as it relates to difficulties which impede daily life satisfaction. Students seeking counseling from the Auburn Montgomery Counseling Center will be met with acceptance, trust and respect by a trained licensed professional credentialed by the state of Alabama. The counseling process can be initiated by the student or through referral by a teacher, family member, friend, or professional in the community. The choice to begin, continue, or terminate counseling is left to the student. Feel free to come by and meet our friendly staff. Walk-ins are welcomed and appointments are encouraged.


The staff of the Auburn Montgomery Counseling Center is committed to the ethical standards of the Alabama professional licensing board. In accordance with that commitment, students' right to privacy within a counseling relationship will be maintained to the extent allowed by law and university policy. Exceptions to this may include endangerment to self, others and child abuse.

Typical Concerns

The following statements are illustrative of some of the emotional, social, educational and personal concerns of those who seek counseling in the Counseling Center:

  • I feel unhappy, and I can't figure out why.
  • I just don't seem to have time to get all my course work done.
  • I feel uncomfortable in social situations.
  • Sometimes my drinking is out of control.
  • Sometimes I get so angry that it scares me and others.
  • My life is not worth living.
  • I feel all alone, and no one cares about me.
  • I have experienced rape or dating violence and I want to talk about it.
  • I do not know how to live with another person and solve our
    problems constructively.
  • I have some sexual concerns that I just can't discuss with anybody.
  • My marriage or relationship is going downhill.
  • Someone close to me recently died, and I am having trouble with the loss.


The center provides services in the following areas:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Educational Programming and Training
  • Consultation and Referral Services
  • Crisis Intervention