Campus Life

Student Affairs

163 Taylor Center

Our Vision
Keeping students first, we strive to create premier learning experiences that instill in our
students a spirit of inquiry, critical thinking, and diversity to become innovative
and ethical leaders committed to serving the diverse, global community.

Our Mission

To support the mission of Auburn University at Montgomery by providing student learning
opportunities that promote personal development through engagement in critical thinking,
and self-awareness in a dynamic and diverse environment that prepares
our students to be ethical, responsible, service-oriented citizens. 

 Our Core Values

Student Centered

Students and their needs are our driving force. We will provide supportive, equitable, and accessible learning environments in which students grow and develop as individuals and leaders.  

A Commitment to Excellence

Excellence encompasses being honorable, courageous, accountable, involved, creative, and respectful of others. We will deliver programs and services at the highest level of professionalism. We are committed to providing high-quality customer service.


As individuals and as a division, we will be honest, trustworthy, and responsible. We will uphold and advance the values, ethics, and mission of the Division of Student Affairs.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

 All people are unique and worthy of being treated with respect and dignity. We recognize the diversity of individuals and their experiences, ideas, beliefs, and cultures. We will cultivate diverse environments that promote access, civility, compassion, community, and respect for human differences.

Leadership and Service

We will use our knowledge, values, and skills to serve the students and the university community.
We will model the values of leadership, service, citizenship, and lifelong learning.