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AUM Study Abroad Strategic Plan - 2015-2018 

2015 AUM Study Abroad Partcipation Report

Dr. Achala Gunasekara-Rockwell
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AUM Study Abroad: Where The World Is Our Classroom


Castillo de Chapultepec

"I gained a deeper appreciation for people as a whole, I had to learn to trust and become dependent on people and I had to learn how to cultivate relationships. If I didn’t have them I wouldn’t be able to do the things I did or study what I studied. It was an individual trip but I really had to focus on working with other people in order to make it work. The city I was in had a lot of ancient Aztec and Mayan ruins, we could go and walk around and the next thing in knew I would be standing on top of ancient ruins. The city I lived in was very colorful, the food, the people and culture were very vibrant."  

-Marie Reuter, Cuernavaca Mexico, Summer of 2015

Jessica Defee in Oxford


"Oxford is by far the most magical place I have ever seen. The sights, the smells, the sounds...everything about it made it feel like we were in a place that could not possibly exist on Earth. It did not at any point feel as if we were studying for a class, yet we learned so much more because we were actually there; because we actually experienced it."

-Study Abroad Ambassador Jessica Defee, AUM summer 2013 study abroad (Oxford)

Students in Costa Rica

"I was part of the AUM summer 2012 study abroad program in Costa Rica. It was a blessed adventure, and I would not change the experience for anything. From hiking through a tunnel of tropical plants and flowers in the rainforest, seeing animals that are so similar yet so different from ours, to breathing in the dew right from a cloud in the cloud forests on top of a mountain high above the ocean, it was all amazing. Walking the streets of San Jose and the countryside, seeing the culture and relaxed lifestyle, provided me with a new perspective. I can remember having the water of the Sarapiqui River shower down on me during white water rafting and the wind roaring past my ears on the zip line. These memories have stuck with me and helped me to grow. I miss Costa Rica from time to time, when certain things in my daily life remind me of what it was like. I look forward in anticipation to a time when I will get the chance to go to Costa Rica again or to see more of God's creation in a different part of the world."

-Adam Russel, AUM summer 2012 study abroad (Costa Rica) 

Jeff Bates in Mexico
"With the ever increasing investment by foreign companies into our economy and the expansion of U.S. companies into other nations, it is imperative that our students become familiar with life outside of their comfort zone.  Acquiring a Passport or Visa, hearing people speak a different language, understanding other countries have different customs, laws, and work practices are important tools for a student preparing themselves for the international job market.  


It is often said that experience is the best teacher and participating in study abroad will definitely prove this to be true.  Years after my meal in a French restaurant in Atlanta, I found myself in Paris accidentally ordering raw hamburger once again.  This time it was with a group of students that found it hilarious.  I guess I need some more experience and I hope that students will join me in another adventure."

Jeff Bates, Lecturer AUM Summer 2013 Study Abroad (Mexico) 
College Of Business

Ashai in Ulsan

"Ulsan, South Korea is one of the most industrial and progressive cities I have ever visited in Asia. The Hyundai Corporation is proudly represented in its home country and the people that work there are just as hard working and efficient in their care of creating the company's products. The people of South Korea are so friendly in greeting foreigners, especially those who try to communicate with them in Korean. The environment was bustling with activity and music on every corner of the streets. It didn't even feel like a semester class to us because we had so much fun with our new friends within the program and outside of the university. We learned so much about the culture of the people without even realizing it."

-Ashai Faulkner, AUM Summer 2013 study abroad (Ulsan, South Korea)



"Belize provides a wonderful opportunity to explore Social and Health Issues, Urban Development, Reforestation and so many more. The students have been granted an opportunity to engage and be engaged in a culture which integrates their history in their daily walks. Students studied areas as wide ranging as the geographical location of Maya lineage groups to the impact of HIV/AIDS on the lives of women living in urban areas in Belize. One of the greatest aspects of Belize is its people. They were welcoming, patient and

open to sharing their lives, triumphs and struggles with the students through lectures, family-style meals, and even hikes through the Maya mountains! The travel was life-changing for the students and the faculty leaders as well. We are excited about engaging Belizean government officials and NGOs to further develop mutually beneficial relationships in education, business and development.”

-Denise Davis-Maye, AUM Summer 2013 Study Abroad (Belize)
Department of Sociology



South African Children

"Study abroad provides students an opportunity to take the knowledge they glean from a traditional classroom and apply it to the real world.  The really cool part is the environment that they apply this knowledge in is not just out their backdoor, but a global backdrop.  This provides an experience that broadens learning to a whole new level."

Dr. Chelsea Ward, AUM Summer 2013 Study Abroad (South Africa) 
Department of Biology

AUM student, Kerry Jackson, speaks about his Study Abroad experiences traveling to Ulsan, Korea in AUM's Ulsan International Program 2014.

AUM Honors Program student, Jake Sustarich, shares his Study Abroad experiences from his summer travels to Paris, France.