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AUM Study Abroad Strategic Plan - 2015-2018 

2015 AUM Study Abroad Partcipation Report

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Study Abroad FAQs

1.   What are the AUM eligibility requirements for studying abroad?

Undergraduate students must have a minimum institutional cumulative GPA of 2.25, 3.0 for graduate students.  Students must be 19 years of age prior to the start date of the program, be in good academic standing with AUM and not have any pending judicial actions.

2.  What type of housing should I expect while studying abroad?

Housing types will vary according to program location, type and length.  Typical options include on- or off-campus dormitories and apartments.

3.  Do I need a passport in hand to apply for a study abroad program?

No, you can apply without a passport in hand.  However, you should apply for it as quickly as possible because it will be needed to process paperwork and tickets prior to departure. Students are responsible for passport costs.

4.  Will I need a visa?

In most cases, yes; however, clarification on this requirement will be covered during the application process. Students are responsible for visa costs.

For further assistance in applying for a visa, visit the U.S. Department of State Visa Wizard

5.  How long can I study abroad?

Currently AUM offers study abroad options ranging from short-term faculty-led programs to programs in lengths of a few weeks, one semester, or one year.

6.  Can I partake in a study abroad program if I do not speak a foreign language?

Foreign language fluency is not necessary to partake in most study abroad programs.  Most host countries offer courses in English.  However, some knowledge of customs, culture and language is advised.

7.  Will I receive AUM credit from my study abroad experience?

Many Study Abroad programs offer courses with transferable credit. However, you should consult your AUM academic advisor early in the Study Abroad application process to clarify the issue.

8.  How do I find out about study abroad opportunities?
AUM offers faculty-led programs and exchange programs of various lengths. Schedule a visit with the Study Abroad Office to discuss current opportunities.  

Faculty-Led Programs

Other Programs

9.  Will my financial scholarships apply to the program cost?
Scholarship terms may differ. Please discuss your specific scholarship question with the University Scholarship Manager: Kate Bartlett, or call 334-244-3078

10.  Will my financial aid be applied to my Study Abroad costs?
Many times Financial Aid can be used to defray some of the Study Abroad costs.  You must speak with a representative in the AUM Office of Financial Aid concerning your individual situation. Contact Anthony Richey or call 334-244-3571