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AUM Study Abroad Strategic Plan - 2015-2018 

2015 AUM Study Abroad Partcipation Report

Dr. Achala Gunasekara-Rockwell
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AUM Study Abroad is committed to sending Warhawk students all around the world! Check out our gallery to see where we've been!

Shiga, Japan

shiga 29 Shiga 2

Auburn University in Montgomery and the Shiga University Perfecture have connected with a reciprocal exchange program. 

Highlighted is AUM student, Deirvin Davis, as he travels to Shiga, Japan as an exchange student in the Spring of 2015. 

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Sri Lanka

In 2014, AUM Study Abroad took students on a two-week program in South Asia- Sir Lanka, visiting cultural cities associated with the various religious tradition of the subcontinent and historical sites associated with the various kingdoms that thrived on the island.

Galapagos Island

In 2015, AUM Study Abroad sent students to the Galapagos Islands to study Ecology and to understand the mechanisms of Evolution. Students were able to learn about and appreciate the fragility of endemic species and island habitats in the 2-week study. 


AUM Study Abroad Re-Inklings trip sent students to Oxford and London where they learned about the lives and works of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and other Inklings.
Read more about their adventures on their Re-Inklings Blog

Costa Rica

AUM Study Abroad's Costa Rica Rainforest Ecology Program sent students to experience field research methods in the lowland rain forest and highland cloud forest habitats of the wilderness.



Study Abroad sent the AUM Honors Program to Paris, France to study and observe art and architecture.  

Ulsan, Korea

Study Abroad sent the AUM students to Ulsan, Korea for 4 weeks to join others in observing a wide range of cultural interests, backgrounds and traditions.