Confucius Institute

Summer Camp to China

As part of its mission to promote a greater understanding of Chinese culture, language, education, and society, the AUM Confucius Institute offered AUM students an opportunity to travel to China. Participants had an opportunity to visit three Chinese cities in fifteen days, including Beijing, Wuhan, and Yichang. During the trip students not only saw historic sites and gorgeous scenery, but also experienced both the traditional and modern culture of China.

american students learning how to do chinese painting
AUM student practices calligraphy

Students show their Chinese characters

hubei economics university scenery
Hubei University of Economics building

students inside a Dragon Boat
Students sitting in a dragon boat

Visiting Museums of Ancient Chinese Artifacts
students in front of a statue

old Chinese man playing a Chinese violin
shaokao- fried meat on a stick

Chinese men preparing fish
Students trying various styles of Chinese cuisine

Students learning how to cook Chinese dishes

students perform Chinese music
Chinese students play Chinese instruments

students practicing Taichi
student practices Taichi with a sword

Student practices his new Taichi moves

boats along the Yangtze river in Yichang China
a beautiful woman on an ancient style boat in Yichang

students tour Yichang natural scenery
students riding on a boat on the Yangtze River

students in front of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing

a student in front of the Great Wall of China
girls stand in beijing

Jason standing in front of the Imperial Palace in Beijing
Great Wall of China

students jumping in the air in beijing
Students standing in front of a Chinese sign