Confucius Institute

Oriental Monsoon Photo Gallery 

The Oriental Monsoon Performance was sponsored by the AUM Confucius Institute who hosted this event during Spring Festival at the Davis Theatre. Performers traveled from Hangzhou Normal University to do traditional Chinese dances and musical performances. 

Hosted by CI student and teacher

Children sing a Chinese song

Men and women do a Chinese dance

kung fu sword fight

women perform a Chinese bowl dance

Chinese instruments being performed

Thai lasses dance

Chinese zither being performed

Chinese Man plays trumpet

many girls dancing a Chinese horse dance

2014 Spring Festival Gala

The golden snake is soaring to bid farewell to the old winter, while ten thousand horses are galloping forward to embrace the new spring. On the evening of February 1st, CCAC successfully held the 2014 Spring Festival Gala with the co-sponsor of Auburn University at Montgomery Confucius Institute at AUM's Taylor Center. AUM Chancellor Dr. John Veres, Li Guixi, Deputy Consul-general of Consulate-General of People’s Republic of China in Houston, teachers and students from AUM Confucius Institute, CAAC members, Chinese students from AUM, as well as local Chinese and Americans got together joyfully to celebrate the coming of the year of horse. The dragon dance, which featured traditional Chinese culture, opened the prelude of the Gala and received hundreds of applause. Following that performance was a children's dance, jazz dance, and hip-hop dance which spread the cheerful atmosphere around the whole room. A Chinese calligraphy performance “Ma Dao Gong Cheng” let the audience feel the strong festive atmosphere. Even more impressive was that the students from the weekend Children’s class of AUM Confucius Institute who sang together the song GREAT CHINA which won first prize over all the other performances.