Office of East Asia Initiatives

Mandarin Classes Free for the Community

AUM's Confucius Institute will continue to offer free Mandarin classes on the weekends during summer and fall. Registration is required with the student's name, age and contact information. Class details will be provided upon registration.

Email Hong Wang at or Na Li at to register.

Want to Improve Your English?

AUM offers English as a Second Language for students and community members needing to improve their English speaking, comprehension and reading skills. 


Visiting Scholars and Exchange Students

Auburn University at Montgomery and the Office of East Asia Initiatives are pleased to welcome the following Exchange Visiting Scholars to visit and do research work on the AUM campus.     

Depty Dean of the Confucius Institute Hong Wang

Name: Hong Wang (Diana)
Title: Deputy Dean of Confucius Institute

Position Held: Dec. 2006-present: Professor, College of Foreign Languages, Hubei University of Economics. Curricula: College English, Oral English (for English Majors), Introduction to English-speaking Countries.

Education: Master of laws in International Economics laws, Department of Laws, Central China Normal University; Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, Department of English Language and Literature, Central China Normal University; Training for English Testing Method by Beijing Foreign Language University and FLTPR; Training for English Teaching Methodology by Chichesiter University, UK

Selected Publications: (1) Hong Wang, College English Reading Book 11, Shanghai Jiaotong University Press-2011. (2) Hong Wang, Task-based Communicative Activities in College English Listening and Speaking Classroom Design and Evaluation, Examination Weekly-2010. (3) Hong  Wang, Needs and Countermeasures of Follow-up, College English Courses in Local Economic and Trade Universities, Chinese Economic and Trade-2009. (Listings are not all-inclusive)

chinese teacher Huali Ye
Name: Huali Ye (Rita)

Education: Master of Arts in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language), Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST);Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature, Hubei Normal University

Teaching Experience: to teach Literature & language, Language & Culture, Modern Chinese, and Mandarin at Hubei University of Economics; to teach Chinese listening and spoken Chinese for students abroad (Asia, Africa and France) at Huazhong University of Science and Technology; to teach Chinese listening and spoken Chinese for Korean students at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

 Major published works: (1) Research on new way of the practical writing teaching under the environment of network research, Journal of Hubei University of Economics, 2011, 8(11):158-159 (2) Foreign language teaching and foreign language, Modern Chinese 2009,9:121-122 (3) Literature education and humanistic quality, Literature Education 2007, 9: 108-109. (Listings are not all inclusive)

teacher hongmei li

Name:  Hongmei Li (Kerri)
Academic Title: Professor

Education:  (1)1997- 2001: Hubei University, Major: English Curriculum and Teaching Methodology, degree: Master’s in Education (2) 2002 -2005: Xiangfan University, Major: English Language teaching: BA Degree

Work Experience: (1). Teaching English course to primary school students, Xiangfan Peiying Private Primary School, Xiangfan, Hubei (2). 2002-2009 Translating documents and contracts , Wuhan Sense Translation & Interpretation Co., Ltd, Wuhan, Hubei (3). 2005-present Teaching English to both English and non-English majors, School of foreign Languages Studies of Hubei University of Economics.

List of academic papers: Research and Practice of Task-based Cooperative Learning model in Oral English Class, Economic research Guide, 2012, Enlightment of Learning Style on English Teaching, Journal of South-Central University for Nationalities, 2011, Cultivation of Student’s Autonomous Study Ability in English Listening, Teaching, Examination Weekly, 2008, Gender Differences of Non-English Majors on English learning Strategies, Foreign language Teaching and Translation, 2007, (listed works not all inclusive).

scholar Qing Wu

Name: Qin Wu
Academic Title: Associate Professor

Education: Doctor of Economics (World Economy), Fudan Univeristy, 2008; Master of Economics (Finance), Fudan University, 2005; Bachelor of Engineering (Automation), Shanghai University,1999.

Work Experience: Customer Service at Guangfa Security Co. from 1999-2002. Accounting Manager at Shenzhen Development Bank from 2002-2007. Teaching Accounting and Economics at Shanghai Business School from 2007-2012. Teaching in the Eastmoney Media and Management School within Fudan Univeristy from 2012- present.

Selected Publications and Research: (1)"Research on the Student-Orientated Three-Dimensional Teaching Resource's Construction and Application: As the Example about the Course of Financial Investment Practice" published by Chinese Adult Education, No.22, 2012. (2)Editor in Chief of "The Course of Financial Investment Practice" published by Tsinghua University Press in June 2012. (3) "The Research on the Profit Model of Financial New Media Communication-Based on the Case Analysis of" which won the research project of Eastmoney Information Co., Ltd. in 2012.

scholar Hongshun Yu

Name: Hongshun Yu
Academic Title: Associate Professor

Education:Master of Arts in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from China University of Geosciences (2006), Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature from Central China Normal University

Work Experience: 1996-2004, English Teacher at Hubei Tourism School, 2006-current, Associate Professor at Wuhan Institute of Technology teaching both English and Chinese as foreign languages, 2010- current, part-time lawyer for Hubei Heart and Soul Law Firm

Selected Publications: (1)The New Development of American Feminism Movement, Journal of Hubei Radio & Television Univeristy, pp.66-67, 2012 (2) Translation Techniques in Chinese-English
Translation of Tourist Materials, Overseas English, 12, pp. 194-195, 2011 (3) The Changes of American Women's Political Status from the Example of Hillary Clinton, Journal of Mongolia Agricultural Univeristy (Social Science Edition), 6, pp.251-252, 258, 2011 (4) Optimization of College English Autonomous Learning in the Network Environment, College English Teaching and Research, 6, pp. 47-51, 2011. (List is not all inclusive)


visiting scholar Yan Zhang

Name: Yan Zhang
Academic Title: Associate Professor

Education: Ph. D, History Research Institute of Peking Normal University, 2009; M.A. History School, Peking Normal University, 2006; B.A. Department of History, Northwest Normal University, 1998.

Work Experience: Professor in the School of History and Culture at South China Normal University (currently).

Selected Publications: "Cruse Tablet--Witchcraft in Ancient Greek" Studies in World Religions, ISSN: 1000-4289, Feb. 2010, 179-185. "The Application of Anthropological Methods in the Study of History--Take Montaillouas an Example" Historiography Quarterly, ISSN: 1004-0013, Jan. 2010, 66-76. Translation work done in The Cambridge Ancient History, Vol. 14, Ch1-5,13 and History of Humanity, Vol. 1-2, parts of Europe.


Name: Xiaochun Zou
Academic Title: Associate Professor

Education: Doctorate from Jilin University, 2013; Master's degree from Harbin Normal University, 2007; Bachelor's degree from Harbin Normal University, 1998.

Work Experience: Associate Professor of Chinese at Harbin Finance University (1998- currently)
Publications and Research: Various articles and books in Chinese ancient literature published. Presided over several research projects in the study of Chinese


Name: Fang Liu
Academic Title: Associate Professor

Education: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Sichuan University (1997); Master of Mechanical Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University (2006); Doctor of Mechanical Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University (2013)

Work Experience: Teach in the school of Mechanical Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University (1997- current)
Selected Research and Publications: Leader of research on rolling control system for container spreaders with electronic tracking technology; Leader of construction of the innovation experiment platform foe crane anti-rolling system; “Finite Element Analysis and Optimization of Power-assisted Structure of Wearable Human Lower Limb Exoskeleton” Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 479-489:1909-1917 (2012).

Name: Li Ben
Academic Title: High School Teacher

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Chinese Language and Literature from Harbin Normal University

Work Experience: High School Chinese Teacher and Head of Teaching and Research at Qiqihar Experimental Middle School (1987- current)

Selected Publications: “No Child Left Behind—Teacher’s Professional Ethics” Education, 2011 (9):3-4; “On the Idea of Moral and Profit of Confucius” Journal of Jinghua, 2011 (1); “Respect and Expectations—The Core of Doing Ideological Work Among Students” Thesis of Training Course of Backbone Teachers in Heilongjiang Province, 2010; “On the Kindheartedness” Journal of Heilongjiang College of Education, 2009 (6): 21; “The Science of Education Philosophy of Confucius” Elementary and Secondary Education in Qiqihar, 2008 (12):7-8.

Name: Shangwei Li
Academic Title: Associate Dean

Education:  Bachelor of Education, Sichuan Normal University (1989); Masters of Education, Education Principles, Sichuan Normal University (2002); Rural Education Training, Beijing Normal University (2008); English Training for Abroad, Sichuan University (2012)

Work Experience: Professor of Education at Yibin University (2002- current), Teacher of Pedagogy/Chinese at Vocational High School in Tingzi Town (1989-1999)

Selected Publications: “Common Pedagogy [C], Beijing Normal University Press, 2010; “On Value of Basic Education [M], Central Literature Press, 2009; “Reflecting the Evaluation of Basic Education in China, Cross Cultural Communication, Quebec in Canada,” (6): 56-59, 2012.


Name: Hong Wong
Academic Title: Associate Professor

Education: Bachelor of Arts from Wuhan University (1991); M.A. from Wuhan University (2007); Ph. D. from Wuhan University (2010)

Work Experience: Associate Professor at Wuhan University (2013- current); Instructor Professor at Wuhan University (2010- 2000); Assistant Professor at Wuhan University (2000-1997); Teacher at Hongshan Senior Middle School (1994-1991)

Selected Publications: “Embankment Project During the Warring States Period and the Class of the Kings,” Guangming Daily, 12.1.2013. “The Dispute of the Sluice and Ditching of 72 Yuan in Old Guan Temple and the Structure of the Local Grass-roots Social During Late Qing Dynasty,” The Humanities Journal (Wuhan University Press), 2012. “Exploration and Confirmation of the Source of Yangtze River,” Journal of Wuhan University of Science and Technology (Social Science Edition), No. 1, 2004.


Name: Jiangxiao Chen
Academic Title: Associate Professor

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts, Southwest Normal University (1990); Master of Arts, Fine Arts, Southwest Normal University (2005)

Work Experience: Associate Professor, Fine Arts Institute, Yuxi Normal University (2002-present); Lecturer, Chongqing No.1 Normal University School (1990-2002)

Selected Publications: Flower Clouds, Flower Flying (paintings), Journal of Yuxi Normal University, Jun. 2008. Line Drawing in Traditional Chinese Painting, Journal of Yuxi Normal University, Dec. 2007. Modern Dunhuang Painting, 2006, Kunming: The Nationalities Publishing House of Yunan.


Name: Lijing Wang

Academic Title: Associate Professor

Education: Bachelor’s degree, Management from Harbin Engineering University (2005); Masters in Industrial Economics from Harbin Engineering University (2007); Ph. D. Management Science and Engineering from Harbin Engineering University (2010)

Work Experience: Associate Professor at Harbin University of Science and Technology (2012- present); Lecturer at Harbin University of Science and Technology (2010-2012)

Selected Publications: “Research on the Mechanism and Influencing Factors on the Cooperative Technological Innovation between Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises and High-tech Enterprises” Proceedings of 2012 International Conference on Management Science and Engineering. 2012: 1631-1639. “Research on Enterprise Ecologicalization Synergetic Development of Mechanism and Mode” East China Economic Management. 2011, 23(10):89-91.