Office of East Asia Initiatives

Mandarin Classes Free for the Community

AUM's Confucius Institute will continue to offer free Mandarin classes on the weekends during summer and fall. Registration is required with the student's name, age and contact information. Class details will be provided upon registration.

Email Hong Wang at or Na Li at to register.

Want to Improve Your English?

AUM offers English as a Second Language for students and community members needing to improve their English speaking, comprehension and reading skills. 


Previous Visiting Exchange Students

Spring 2014 Exchange Students

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Fall 2013 Exchange Students


Fall 2013 Shaghai Exchange Students

Hunan Exchange Students Fall 2013

Previous Visiting Scholars

visiting scholar Biyang

Name: Bigang Hong 
Academic Title: Professor

Education: (1) BA, English and American Literature, Hunan Normal University (2) LLM, International Economic Law, Hunan Normal University (3) PHD, Economics, Hunan University

Work Experience: (1) 1988-1995: Assistant Professor, NO.2 Middle School of Xinning (2) 1995-1999: Assistant Professor, English Dept. of Shaoyang Normal College (3) 1999-2006: Lecturer, Economics and Management Dept. of Shaoyang University (4) 2006-2011:Associate Professor, Economics and Management Dept. of Shaoyang University (5) 2010-present: Professor, Economics and Management Dept. of Shaoyang University

List of academic papers:  (1) The dynamic game analysis of the rent-seeking in the provision of public goods. Journal of Shaoyang University, 2010 (2) Rent-seeking activities in the provision of public goods and the countermeasures. Journal of Pursuit, 2010 (3) The present situation and forecast of the research on rent-seeking theory in China. Statistics and Decision-making, 2009 (4) The Rent-seeking Theory: An analysis of the positive externality of rent-seeking. Shanghai Economic Review, 2008
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