Weather Update: Campus Operations Suspended for Monday, Sept. 11, 2017

Classes will be canceled and normal operations will be suspended beginning at 12 a.m. on Monday, September 11, 2017, due to the expected affects of Hurricane Irma. The suspension of operations includes all scheduled external and internal events as well as the AUM Wellness Center, Warhawk Shop Bookstore and Warhawk Transit.

This does not include residence halls, which will be open for campus residents only. Dining will operate out of the C-Store in the Nest from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., serving both cold and hot foods.

AUMventurers in Mexico, England and Japan

Auburn University at Montgomery undergraduate and graduate students are soaking up more than just sun this summer.  Nineteen students have traveled out of the United States with AUM's Study Abroad program to soak up new cultures and languages.  Six studied Spanish and the Mexican culture in Mexico under the guidance of Dr. Pamela Long.  Twelve students traveled to England - six to study English authors with Dr. Seth Reno and six to study with Dr. Laura Whatley.  One brave student traveled solo to Japan's University of Shiga Perfecture for a 6 week exchange program. 

AUM Student Recruitment Efforts in Trinidad and Tobago

In support of Auburn University at Montgomery’s strategic goal of increasing its global presence, Dr. Foo and Dr. Schaefer traveled to Trinidad and Tobago for the US Embassy’s annual college fair on November 4th and 5th, 2016. This recruiting trip was an effort to promote AUM's academic programs, and due to the overall success of the first few trips, both Dr. Foo and Dr. Schaefer are excited to continue building these collaborative networks.

OGI Co-sponsors International Recruitment in Russia

Between January 17-February 1, 2017, Dr. Lee A. Farrow, Distinguished Teaching Professor in History and Director of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, traveled to Russia to recruit students to attend AUM. Sponsored by AUM’s Office of Global Initiatives, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Provost’s Office, Farrow participated in five college fairs organized by Education USA, a program affiliated with the American Embassy in Moscow. Farrow and several other college representatives recruited students in Moscow, St.

International Student Experiences: Two Friends from China

Sometimes mistaken for sisters on Auburn University at Montgomery’s campus, Xiniyi Xiao and Xiaobei Cao are growing a strong supportive friendship even as they develop the independence that comes from facing the challenges of living and studying half-way around the globe.

Child Advocacy Studies in Belize

College of Public Policy and Justice associate professor, Dr. Denise Davis-Maye and five of her students will be leaving for Belize this month on a Study Abroad and civic engagement project. This program is designed to provide comprehensive learning, including field experiences, scholarly inquiry, lectures, and interactions with the citizens of Belize. This opportunity is offered for students to enhance global perspectives and to participate in in-depth, examinations of issues which impact social, economic and educational development of girls and women.

Study Abroad Increases Participation by 209%

Study Abroad Increases Participation by 209%

As institutions of higher education become more market-driven and competitive, study abroad programs have become key assets and market indicators of an institution's value in the eyes of prospective students and their families.  AUM has a growing tradition of study abroad, and the University's Study Abroad program now stands at a critical juncture.