2020 Summer Incentive | AUM

2020 Summer Incentive

Through our Summer Incentive Scholarship Program, students will:

  • Save money and time by getting a jump start on their college education

  • Earn credits that count toward your degree or can be transferred to another college of your choice.  Check out the courses available here.

  • Receive $100 scholarship reduction of standard per credit rates.

  • Choose from our diverse courses that are applicable to many programs of study such as English, psychology, communications, sociology, history, mathematics, geography, and science.

  • Increase your likelihood of graduation by reducing the time it will take to earn your degree.

How much?

Tuition is reduced by $100 per credit hour* — that is a savings of $300 per three-credit class.  Scholarships are not stackable.

Who is eligible?

  • All first-time AUM college students - undergraduate or graduate. 

  • Transient Students who are seeking to get ahead or make-up time toward their degree over the summer.  Take classes at AUM and transfer back to your institution.

  • First-time Graduate Students, too!  

Classes Available?

  • Check out the classes that are available summer.  Choose from many offerings that can get you ahead in your studies or assist in catching back up to your classmates.  Click here for undergraduate course offerings.  For graduate class availability contact admissions.   


  • Summer Incentive Scholarship courses are offered during summer terms only. 

Start your application now!

For more information, talk to your school counselor or contact Auburn University at Montgomery

Office of Admissions at 334-244-3615 admissions@aum.edu