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AUM employees help community during COVID-19 pandemic

Tangie-Taylor.jpgWhen Auburn University at Montgomery Conference Services Director Sue McCarron recently received a stimulus check from the federal government, she decided to use the funds to help protect members of the Montgomery community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lee-Farrow_0.jpgShe bought 500 masks to give away to elder care facilities, shoppers at local grocery stores, senior citizens and individuals with immune system deficiencies. AUM Distinguished Teaching Professor of History Lee Farrow and Admissions staff member Tangie Taylor were among several individuals who tailored additional masks in support of McCarron’s distribution efforts.

"I am so fortunate to still have a job and be receiving a paycheck when so many others aren't," McCarron said. "It never escapes my mind how fortunate I am to be an employee of AUM. So many are out of work and unable to buy even a $5 mask.

"It occurred to me that maybe the reason people weren't wearing masks was because they didn't have them. It brought me such joy to see how exceedingly thankful people were!"

McCarron said she has exhausted her supply of masks, but hopes to continue distributing them. If you're interested in supporting her efforts, email