How are Classes offered?


How Are Classes Offered?

The Auburn Guarantee program operates on campus at Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM). Students take the majority of their classes at AUM, but travel to Auburn, Alabama, every other Friday for a class at Auburn University (AU). We will provide transportation to AU for students.  
Academic Overview:

    • Classes are offered at AUM throughout the day and evening, Monday through Thursday, with one class at AU every other Friday. Auburn Guarantee students take classes with other Auburn Guarantee students, so you will always see a familiar face in class.  
    • Auburn Guarantee students are able to receive Supplemental Instruction in some classes. 
    • Students are advised based on their targeted AU major.
    • A full assortment of core classes and electives are offered on the AUM campus. 
    • The student-to-faculty ratio is 16:1. Classes are kept small so you will receive more personal attention and get to know your professors.
    • Pending a student's math placement, developmental math course(s) (MATH 0700/07001 and/or MATH 0800/0801) may be required before a student is eligible to take a transferable core level math.   
    • Big campus benefits with a small campus feel gives you full access to campus life, academic support services, and on-campus housing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Classes:

  1. When do I register for classes? We will review registration at your Orientation session.
  2. How many semesters is the Auburn Guarantee program? Auburn Guarantee is a year long program. While most participants complete the required 30 hours in the Fall and Spring, special circumstances do require some students to take Summer classes. If you find that you are in need of taking Summer classes, we will work with you so that you can complete your coursework on either the AUM campus or at an institution near your home, pending good academic standing.    
  3. Do you accept dual enrollment or early enrollment credits? Yes. We take into account dual enrollment credits when you are advised. 
  4. Do you accept AP or IB credit? AP and IB credit will not count towards the 30-semester hour requirement; however when you transfer to AU, they will accept the credit, taking them into account during advising.
  5. What types of classes will I be taking while in the program? 

Required Coursework:

      English Composition I & II – 6 hours
      World History I or II – 3 hours
      A Science (with a lab) – 4 hours
      Math (dependent on placement) - 3 - 8 hours
      UNIV 1003 - 4 hours

Other courses that can be used to complete the 30-hour requirement:

      Sociology or Psychology – 3 hours
      American Government – 3 hours
      Fine Arts – 3 hours
      Philosophy – 3 hours