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Summer Semester & Maymester

Now there are two ways to get ahead in your classes: 

MayMester and Summer Semester 2019

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Registration begins March 29. Register early. You'll be glad you did.

  1. You'll get the classes you want when you want them and gives you time to change if needed.
  2. No line, no waiting. Waiting until a few weeks prior to classes starting puts you in line with everyone else. 
  3. Out of sight, out of mind. Once it's done, you can move on to other important activities like marathon training, navigating the Amazon, or even Netflixing Real Housewives.
  4. Repair the issues. By not waiting, you get all your questions answered and have time to fix any issues that may arise.

Additional Summer Financial Aid

Additional Summer Financial Aid is not always available but when it is, it's great to have. This year is one of the few where additional funding may be available.  How do you take advantage or find out if you are eligible?  Contact Financial Aid now. 

Summer Courses

Information is on MyAUM under Launchpad and the Webster Registration System. Once logged into Webster, click on the Student Services Banner and Select "Registration" in order to look up classes.  There is something for everyone this summer.  Get ahead in your classes, make up a class or eplore your options with a new subject.  AUM offers classes through online, on-campus or hybrid formats.  

5 Reasons to take Summer Courses:

  • Complete your degree in less time.  Did you know that just taking two classes each summer is the equivalent of an entire semester, plus a little?  That's time you could be working, developing experience and getting paid.
  • Catch up on classes.  Need to retake a class or catch up on credits?  Summer is the perfect time and many classes are available online.  
  • Flexibility in scheduling.  Summer classes are typically shorter, may be offered in a variety of formats and provide more access to professors and instructors.
  • Impress your future boss.  Taking summer classes says your focused and staying active.
  • Building brain power.  Staying active in your studies keeps your brain active.  You are less likely to lose focus and are prepared when fall classes start.


Maymester is 1 Class. That completes in 2 Weeks. And, Earns 3 Credits if passed.  Maymester classes begin May 13

Then Summer Semester Begins June 3 and runs through July 30.

Great news! There may be additional summer Pell Grant & Financial Aid available. Contact Admissions for details.

Space is limited.  Register Today and Reserve Your Seat!

Whether you are moving ahead, catching up or making up, Maymester is a great opportunity to gain 3 credits in just 2 weeks. These two-week intensive courses offered May 13 through May 23, 2019 are given to focus on one class exclusively. Complete a core or major requirement and still have most of your summer to work, study, travel, or participate in an internship.

Given their rigorous nature, students should take only one class in the Maymester. 

 Maymester is a great experience offering:

  • Smaller classes
  • Interactive classrooms experiences
  • Focused curriculum
  • Sense of community
  • Quick material progress
  • In-depth discussion

Given the accelerated pace, you should attend class every day offered. Missing a day during Maymester is like missing a week of class in the fall and spring semesters.

Maymester course listings can still be found under the Summer 2019 Class Schedule. Great news!  Additional Financial Aid options may be available to you.  Contact admissions for more information.  

Seats are limited...  register quickly!  

CRN Subject



Section Title








Days Building Room


Last Name

3285 ANTH 2110 0 Cultural Anthropology 3 Campus 8:00 12:30 MTWR Liberal Art Tech Wing 310TW Winemiller
3236 COMM 1010 OL1 Intro to Human Communication   3 Online       Online   Kim
3241 COMM 1010 OL2 Intro to Human Communication 3 Online       Online   Kim
3116 HIST 4550 Al Russian-American Relations 3 Campus 8:00 12:00 MTWRF Liberal Arts 220A Farrow
3117 HIST 6550 A2 Russian-American Relations 3 Campus 8:00 12:00 MTWRF Liberal Arts 220A Farrow
3021 POLS 4970 0 Rationality & Society 3 Hybrid 1:00 5:30 MTWR Goodwyn Hall 208GH Hughes
3286 SOCI 3971 0 Sp. Tops: Sociology of Sports 3 Campus 1:00 5:30 MTWR     Lehman
3244 THEA 2040 A Theatre Appreciation 3 Campus 10:50 3:20 MTWRF Liberal Arts 214A Winkelman
3390 BIOL 4800   Sp. Tops. Reading & the Scientific Literature 3 Campus 9:00 2:30 MTWR Goodwyn Hall 319 Stine
3444 BIOL 1050 0 Intro to Environmental Biology 3 Campus 10:00 3:15 MTWR Goodwyn Hall 320GH Costa
3452 BIOL 6970 M ST: Reading the Scientific Lit. 3 Campus 9:00 2:30 MTWR Goodwyn Hall 307GH Stine
3447 PSCI 3980 M ST: Biochemistry for MCAT 2 Campus 12:00 3:30 MTWR Goodwyn Hall 319GH Ciesielski

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