Seamless Admission

Housing Information

AUM Campus

If you prefer to live on-campus and participate in Seamless, there are spots available for Seamless students on the Montgomery campus.  Living on-campus provides a great opportunity for students to generate a close community of friends, form study groups and live out a well-connected campus experience. If you are taking classes on the Montgomery campus and live more than 20 miles from AUM it is highly recommended that you live on AUMs campus.  For more information on AUM Housing and Residence Life, click here.

Additionally, Seamless is proud to offer a Seamless Living Learning Community.  This community will be composed exclusively of Seamless students who live in the residence halls together, take classes together and participate in many co-curricular activities together. This is a great way for students to become familiar with AUMs campus as well as meet new friends.   

Auburn Campus

Unfortunately, we will be unable to offer on-campus housing for those students opting to participate in the Seamless program on the Auburn campus. Currently all students in the program at Auburn live in off-campus housing options. Many off-campus apartment buildings are within walking distance to campus, however, if you choose to live farther away, Tiger Transit (campus bus service) is available at many off-campus housing locations as well.  Student parking is also available on-campus for a fee.

Additional information regarding off-campus housing options in Auburn can be found here or by visiting

If you have any questions regarding different types of off-campus student housing options or would like more information regarding local rental agencies, please contact the Auburn Chamber of Commerce at 334-887-7011 or visit them online at