Study Abroad Ambassador

Who We Are:

We are study abroad returnees.

We are passionate about our education abroad experiences.

We want to share our wonderful study abroad experiences with you.

We will help you to discover study abroad possibilities through our insights and expertise.

How To Join Us:

Are you a current AUM student?

If yes, have you completed at least one year study at AUM?

If yes, please read the Study Abroad Ambassador Program and Requirements.

And, fill out the Study Abroad Ambassador Information Form.

Conclusively, please return your form to Study Abroad.


AUM's Study Abroad Club sets out to create a sense of global awareness by informing others on the AUM campus and surrounding communities about the opportunities offered to those interested in expanding their cultural knowledge and pursing global initiatives. 


How to get involved in this club: 

Interested students should fill out a Study Abroad Club application and stop by the Study Abroad offices on campus.  

L.C. Kelley

2016-2017 Club Officers

President: Trenton Beasley

Vice President: Deirvin Davis

Secretary: Rebecca Graboys

Treasurer: Chris Wood

Coordinator: Mustafa Yousif

Coordinator : Sui, Park