Chinese Guest Teachers

Student in front of classroom

AUM CI is dedicated to promoting the teaching of Chinese language and culture in local schools by providing qualified teachers to local schools to help them establish or expand Chinese language programs. Trained teachers of Chinese as a foreign language are selected by AUM's partner university, Hubei University of Economics in Wuhan and from a pool established by CI Headquarters. Candidate teachers are interviewed by AUM CI staff. The teachers chosen to come to Alabama are placed in local schools based on expressed needs of the local school or district.

Each participating school/district signs an agreement with AUM CI establishing the responsibilities of each party. AUM CI supervises teachers during their stay and provides professional development opportunities. Guest teachers are generally expected to stay three years in their positions, although some may only stay one or two years.

Priority for assigning teachers will be based on the interest expressed by schools and districts, and their willingness to enter into agreement with AUM CI. Support of the teachers and assessment by the AUM CI staff for the potential of placement which will contribute to the establishment of a new Chinese language program or strengthening an existing one at participating schools.