2016 - 2017 Tuition & Fees

Basic Semester Charges1  
Student Tuition and Audit Fees2  
Undergraduate Resident $296 per credit hour
Undergraduate Non-resident $665 per credit hour
Undergraduate International $665 per credit hour
Graduate Resident $374 per credit hour
Graduate Non-resident $841 per credit hour
Graduate International $841 per credit hour
Online Programs See AUM Online
Required Fees (All students, including auditors)  
Administrative Service Fee3 $35 per term
Student Activity Fee3 $170 per term
Student Health Fee3 $24 per term
Technology Fee $10 per credit hour
First-Time Student Orientation Fee $125 one-time fee 
Other Fees   
Biology Fees $8 per credit hour 
Clinical Laboratory Fees $8 per credit hour 
Fine Arts Fees $3-8 per credit hour 
Physical Science/Chemistry Fees $8 per credit hour 
Speech and Hearing Fees $8 per credit hour
Hybrid Course Fee  $20 per credit hour
University Affiliation Fee4 $135
Late Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)5 $30
Graduation Fee  
Undergraduate $85
Graduate $98
Graduation fees include cap and gown. Fee is transferred to any subsequent semester if student fails to qualify for graduation.  
Meal Plans6  
On-Campus Residents $600
Off-Campus Residents $100
International Health Insurance Estimate  
Spring 2017 $625
Summer 2017 $525


1 Effective Fall 2016.

2 Persons desiring to attend courses or lectures without examination or credit may register to audit a course. The cost of auditing a course is one credit hour plus fees, regardless of the number of credit hours for that course. 

3 Fee is nonrefundable after fifth calendar day of the term. 

University Affiliation Fee includes Clearing for Graduation, Comprehensive Examinations and Resolving Incomplete Grades when not enrolled.

5 Begins on the first day of classes.

6 Required for all full time undergraduate students.