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AUM Warhawk Activity Challenge

Benefitting the Student Assistance Fund at AUM; Proudly sponsored by a partnership with AUM Wellness Center and the esteemed colleagues of AUM Dr. John Havard and Dr. Kim Pyszka

Need some motivation to get off the couch and out of the house?

Want to help AUM students facing financial difficulties due to COVID-19?

Do both by joining AUM’s Warhawk Activity Challenge to raise money for the AUM Student Assistance Fund!

From May 11th-17th, track your active minutes by joining the AUM Warhawk Activity Challenge on the Strava app (see info below regarding logging your activity and suggested privacy settings). The type of activity is up to you -  run, walk, roll, dance, yoga, martial arts, or whatever – as long as you’re moving!

There is no registration fee to participate in the challenge; however, we want to use this activity to bring more awareness, and donations, to the AUM Student Assistance Fund. To donate, please go to AUM GIVING.  The event does not require any donation.  If you wish to donate, the suggested donation is $25.  Any amount is appreciated and 100% of your donation goes to the AUM Student Assistance Fund. Prizes will be randomly awarded to participants.

Looking for activity ideas? The AUM Wellness Center is currently offering virtual group fitness classes via Zoom. Check out their Facebook page or AUM’s Warhawk Weekly Extra for schedule and registration information. From May 11th-17th, these courses are open and free to anyone participating in the challenge. Please email Anna Champion ( to register and to receive a Zoom invite.

Participants are responsible for determining whether they have the proper fitness level to participate in activities. Participants are strongly encouraged to consult with their health care provider(s) before starting any exercise program. Participation in the AUM Warhawk Activity Challenge is voluntary and participants assume all risk of any harm or injury sustained. Participants are to be mindful of their actions and are not allowed to engage in activities that may harm others, including maintaining appropriate social distance.

How to Use Strava to participate

Most fitness-tracking watches, including Garmin, Fitbit, and Apple Watch can be linked to Strava following the directions below:

  1. Create an account
  2. Find the Challenge
  3. Link Your Exercise Tracker
  4. Log Your Activity
  5. Privacy

To create a Strava Account

Linked to Gmail or Facebook:

  • You can link your Gmail account to Strava. Log into Gmail or Facebook, and then go to Follow one of the links to join your Facebook or Strava account to your Gmail or Facebook Account.


  • Create a Stava account using whatever e-mail account you wish to link by going to, click on “Use my e-mail” and follow the instructions to start your account.

Finding the Challenge

  • Along the top-bar, select the drop-down menu “Explore,” and click on “Clubs.”
  • On that search page, enter “AUM” for club name, and select the “All” radio-button for “Club Type.” You must select “All” for it to show up.
  • Click “Search.”
  • Select “AUM Warhawk Activity Challenge” and join. You will be on the main club landing page and can track everyone’s activities during the challenge.

Linking your exercise tracker:

Logging activity for this challenge:

For the purpose of this Warhawk Activity Challenge, we are asking people to log all of their exercises as a “run” so that we can track the total amount of time people spend on the activity. We’d like to see a large number of hours!

If you log via a smart device:

  • Once you have your fitness app linked and have joined the challenge club, it will automatically upload your data.
  • Once you have completed the activity, if it is not a run go into Strava and change the activity to a “run.”

To record your data manually:

  • Use a timer of some kind to record your activity.
  • Go to your Strava account and click on the “plus sign” in the upper-right corner.
  • Select “Add Manual Entry.”
  • Log your activity as a “Run” and put in the total time of your activity (i.e., 1 hour of Zumba, 2 hours of cross-country skiing, etc.) and the name of the activity in the comments.


We want to ensure that people protect their privacy to the extent that they wish to and are able. Here is a general guide on the Strava site:

To control your privacy, log in to your account. Under the drop-down icon for your name, select “Settings.” From there:

  • Select “Privacy Controls”
  • It’s a good idea to set your Profile Page to “Followers” to protect your privacy.
  • The other settings will depend on how you want to appear to followers/friends and other groups.
  • It’s also a good idea to create a “Privacy Zone” by entering your home address in the bar. Strava records the beginning and ending points of your exercises and displays them on a zoomable map. Repeated starts and stops at the same residential place could indicate a home address. A privacy zone means that Strava will then not reveal the starting and ending points of your routes that begin and end within a certain distance of that spot.
  • Exercise, so to speak, the usual caution in posting photos of yourself, especially if you have expensive equipment and don’t create a privacy zone.