UNIV: Instructors

UNIV 1000 is taught by faculty, staff, and administrators who are committed to overall student success. Instructors foster an environment which is geared towards a successful transition into Auburn University Montgomery. By focusing on academic and personal support, UNIV instructors are able to create an environment geared towards lifelong learning.

Benefits of teaching UNIV1000
  • The course plays an integral role in the overall success rates of our students. 
  • Instructors enjoy teaching the course and have fun interacting with first-year students, the heart of AUM.
  • The course provides instructors the opportunity to connect with campus.
  • The ability to provide the student population with the tools for success.

Professional Development Opportunities

UNIV1000 Instructors engage in recurring professional development opportunities throughout the year.

  • All new UNIV1000 Instructors are expected to complete a one-day professional development session, Blackboard training, and a half day (content-related) preparation session prior to teaching.
  • To maintain credentialing, UNIV1000 Instructors will attend four content-related professional development sessions throughout the year (Eight sessions are offered each calendar year).

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