UNIV: History
UNIV 1000 was designed as a commitment to Auburn University at Montgomery's mission to exemplify excellence through education, as well as the institutions emphasis on increasing retention, persistence, and graduation rates. The goals and learning objectives for this course intentionally align course content with institutional objectives.

The course addresses the following components from AUM's learning competencies:
Development of Society
Fosters Critical Thinking
Broadly Based Education
Research for Knowledge Advancement
Opportunity of Lifelong Learning


The four primary learning outcomes for UNIV 1000 are as follows:

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of, and the association between, available campus resources and academic success.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge regarding study skills associated with academic progress towards graduation.
  • Students will explore, practice, and demonstrate application of skills associated with academic success.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of "academic engagement" and its importance relative to their progress towards graduation.

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