Student Success Advising

Student Success Advising

Student Success Advisors are professional staff members who guide students through processes that help them identify ways to increase their academic success. A primary goal of Student Success Advising is to foster connections between students and institutional academic support services.  AUM understands that successfully navigating the University environment requires skills and knowledge that students gain during their AUM experience; therefore, Student Success Advisors serve to help students successfully engage in their academic experiences by providing opportunities through which they learn about and practice the skills needed to be successful college students.

Student Success Advisors monitor the Warhawk Warning program, which is a collaborative effort among faculty and staff to identify student concerns and difficulties early in the semester so that the students may be connected to academic support services such as tutoring, counseling, and other academic development opportunities. Warhawk Warning also serves as a recognition program through which faculty may send "kudos" to students and celebrate their outstanding academic performance.

Midterm grade reporting is another component of the Warhawk Warning program. Midterm grades provide students with information regarding how they are performing in their classes so that they may make adjustments needed to improve upon, or maintain current academic success measures.

Student Success Advisors’ proactively provide students with opportunities to seek support, knowledge, and skills needed to succeed at AUM, enhancing the likeliness for them to persist through degree completion.  The Student Success Advisors work directly with students, faculty, and staff to collaboratively increase student success, connection to campus, and persistence towards graduation.

Students, faculty, and staff learning together.

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