Learning Center

Fall 2014 Tutoring Schedule

Tutoring begins Wednesday, August 20.

225 IBY Library
Monday - Thursday 9-7
Friday - 9-1
Sunday - 1:30-4
North Commons (students living on campus only)
Monday - Thursday 5-7

Monday-Thursday 9-9

The Learning Center is the primary source of on-campus tutoring. We tutor writing in any course, including Writing Intensive courses, and mathematics in any course, including business statistics and accounting. In addition, we tutor English as a Second Language. We also will work with the Counseling Center to provide tutoring for students that matches their specific learning styles.

We greatly appreciate the promotional work you do for us in your classrooms and in your course syllabi. If your primary purpose is to orient students to our services, we are happy to send a tutor to your class to give a brief presentation on all the Learning Center’s services.

We encourage referrals to the Learning Center while we discourage requiring all students in a class to visit the center as a part of an assignment. We are pleased that you make your students aware of this aspect of Student Support Services and that you advise your students to take advantage of them. However, students who voluntarily sign up or are advised to go tend to benefit more from the session because they are personally motivated to take part. When the student’s motivation is merely to fulfill a requirement, the tutorial is generally not productive. Further, if you have 30 students in your class who are required to visit the Learning Center in the same week, our hours will be monopolized by your students while students who really want a session may not be able to make one.

Our writing consultants are trained not to “fix” a student’s grammar mistakes. We aim to improve the students as writers, by addressing first the higher-order concerns, including thesis, structure, development, and fulfillment of assignment. Only after we consider these foremost issues do we turn to English Language Conventions, or lower-order concerns.

Instructors may use the following blurb on their syllabi:

  • The AUM Learning Center (LC) offers free individual tutoring in writing across the disciplines and mathematics in any course as well as accounting courses for all currently enrolled AUM students. Call or drop by to make a 30-minute appointment. Your instructor will receive a report of your visit. The LC is open Monday through Thursday and is located at 225 LT. We also offer tutoring in North Commons for students who live on campus. Call 334-244-3470 to make your appointment or to ask for information about current hours.

  •  The Instructional Support Lab (ISL) offers tutoring in all math classes and all science classes across the University. The ISL is located in 203 Goodwyn Hall and offers unlimited tutoring sessions on a first-come, first-served basis. No appointments are necessary. The ISL is open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

  • Check us out at www.aum.edu/learningcenter where you will find our current hours listed along with many helpful PDF documents and links to many excellent web sites.

An Introduction to the Learning Center

Video translated into Mandarin Chinese