Why Honors?

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Most of the benefits of participation in the UHP will be apparent to you:

  • scholarship eligibility,
  • opportunity for specialized study,
  • support for study abroad,
  • other travel opportunities,
  • access to the UHP Lounge,
  • opportunities to work with like-minded students and faculty,
  • service opportunities,
  • and priority registration.

But the most compelling reasons have been identified by UHP students:

    "The Honors Program calls us to leave our comfort zones. It asks that we abandon the preconceptions that we have about the world, and about ourselves."

     "In the hands of a resourceful student, the Honors Program can be an unparalleled source of personal transformation. I know this because I'm unrecognizable from the student I was when I showed up at AUM."

     "We've cultivated a community that treats excellence as an expectation, and that demands we push our boundaries, abandon our preconceptions, and step out of our comfort zones."

     "I don't have a single doubt in my mind that the person I am today, and any success I have had, has been because of the expectations that the UHP has for all of its students, and the tremendous support it gives to those who want the most out of themselves."

      "From the first day of being in the program, I have tried to be a part of every service project the program had to offer. From helping students get the food they need to raising money for disease research, I have been able to make a difference on and off campus."

       "The UHP isn’t the destination—it’s the path. It’s a journey."

       "The Honors Program has sent me around the country and across the ocean. I've been to places I never thought I'd see and met people more successful than I could ever dream."

        "Honors faculty are here to see us succeed and to realize our immense potential, whether we see it in ourselves or not.  I couldn't be more grateful that they remain patient with us students, who demand excellence from ourselves but have never had to perform on the level of Honors before."